Petition/Request - Give back forced higher FPS

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Petition for the devs to give back the functionality/trick to force higher FPS.

For everyone's benefit, we used to be able to do this with the following easy steps

- ensure homescreen at 60fps, no xmode

- setup armory, extreme boost, extreme temp,120hz refresh

Once the game is opened, minimize/go back to homescreen, wait a second and go back to the game. Not sure what this triggers but your FPS essentially doubles. Side effect obviously makes the phone hot (mine reaches 49°c) and drains battery faster while on this mode).

A lot of people who used to be able to enjoy this are already noticing and I for one cannot go back. The only solution is to roll back to previous builds, but puts phones at risk due to outdates security patches.

Please devs put this back. For tthise affected feel free to post so we can be heard.


  • Yes, please.

    Better yet. Just make it an option in the Display section for Armory. Just add a warning that says it can break games.

  • uri13uri13 Level 1

    True.... happening in my last stock version. Hopefully it will be fixed.

  • Yes! why they delete this ! we need it !

  • Bumping for exposure! Give us back our phone! Hehe

  • gaganetgaganet Level 1

    We want our phone! ; ;

  • Commenting for exposure. This was such a useful feature and now I can't even get 90Hz to work for a game that officially supports it (BanG Dream). It also would be nice to add the option in the WW ROM to hide the bar at the bottom of the screen when gesture navigation is turned on, I'm not sure why that's an option on CN but not on WW.

  • Bumping for exposure

  • VolodesiVolodesi Level 3

    Still missing in latest update. 🤔

  • gaganetgaganet Level 1

    we need it ; ;

  • Still not added back.

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