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  • the update Is for?

  • Hello sir Android 10 Max pro m1 Asus

  • S asus told me like that... please be patient wait till April 2020...I said we are already in the end of april they told me you have to wait for last week of April for update

  • Be patient bro your phone definitely get update Android 10, but not Android 11 or later

  • Hate asus developer

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    Asus developers team died or alive??

    Asus not thinking about customer! They are focusing on making money itself. If Asus thinking about customer then they will set a date for stable update to the developer team, but they didn't did it,it means they are not thinking about customer.

    About Asus developers team they are taking salary, sitting in Air conditioner and making fun. By reading customers comments. They are not focusing on their work. They are like old tubelight ( flashing late). If Asus & Asus developers team reading please think about it.

    If u not provide stable update on this month, we will start revolution by making #lazyASUS #don'tbuyAsusProduct

  • Even Nokia (who always provides on time updates) too is failing providing Android 10 on time. They published a proper timeline for Android 10 upgrade for its different kind of models back in 2019 and later in February, they revised those tentative dates due to COVID-19 lockdown. As per their latest timeframe, Nokia 5.1 plus should have started getting Android 10 by 2nd half of April. Nokia India official Twitter handle also replied to one of its users who asked about the date of Android 10 stable version release for Nokia 5.1 plus device on 20-22nd April, 2020 where Nokia India replied him, "VERY SOON".. But today morning, Nokia 5.1 plus devices start receiving an update which came with only April security patch, nothing else. So every brand is delaying their Android 10 upgrade plan due to several factors such as low manpower availability in the office due to COVID-19 lockdown throughout the world. I think, at this point, we should give them a little bit of more time like 15-20 days further to sort things out.


    If we were able to wait for long these 3 months since beta was released, then we should wait for half a month more. Give them time. Its not like that they aren't working, they surely are. Thats why they provided April security patch on time (this time even before Nokia, which is an Android One OEM). Its just getting delayed a little bit otherwise if lockdown situation was not there, we would have get the Stable Android 10 by now, by the end of April.

  • I am ready to wait for another month too. But Shall we get bug free Android 10 with some improvement and enhancement. Or else only with simple security patch added like last 2 pie update , is it worth for 3 .5 months waiting.

    Is ASUS ready to release the change logs on the improvement and bug fixes which is going to come in Android 10 stable. Any moderator has answer to this.

    My question is we are adding many bug list to ASUS. But every time they updates only with security patches. So when we will get bug fix. Will they answer this? In a year , if we get 6 updates then 4 of them are with no bug fix but only security updates.

  • Yes.. agree with those points. I still remember, out of 7 updates in Pie, they provided only one update with one small fix (that too after repeated inputs from our end), which was fixing the lower bottom corners to properly rounded which was not earlier. Thats all. They couldn't even fix that Ghost notch appearance issue perfectly till date, forget about others like battery charging issues if phone heats up, or issues like VoLTE or VoWifi or having battery draining. They even took months to understand that there was a misalignment at the network icon area at the right side of the notch. They couldn't even manage to properly configure the notch area so that it doesn't come as a dot if we enable battery charging % to show up.

    Its definitely true that Software development team is the worst one of Asus, there's no doubt about that. They did the same thing with Pie whre they just added the then latest security patch with the beta pie and released after 3 months of waiting since beta Pie was released.

    My experiences say after using so many Asus models in the past years, Asus does make good hardware in cheap rate but their software development team ruins everything by providing less effective buggy updates. They don't even know how to take the juice out of their hardware like they provided SD Chipset but the stock camera sucks which could be much better performer. Even they gave us underclocked processor which doesn't make any sense to me now because on which aspect they did that underclocked processor (to provide better battery life), that we don't experience at all. It really doesn't feel like a 5000mAh battery even if you don't use the phone much. Whenever you ask moderators about battery draining, they keep asking for screenshot of the usage details as if they think we should not keep any apps in our phones at all, then only we would get that gimmick of long days of battery back up! Ridiculous.

    I know why everyone is feeling frustrated with Asus and there are some solid reason to be in frustration. Not talking about the Android 10 release hype but I do believe that Asus is ruining it by itself. Had they come up with better software team, they could become a great market giant with their collection of better hardware qualities.

  • As per one XDA Developer forum post , ASUS has been in the top list when it comes to users with custom OS and samsung be at the least due to their own chipset. Its a very clear example of ASUS software capability. After 95% of users moved to custom OS, will ASUS release updates to their imaginary users at mars and it's logic that if ASUS don't have good developers , then they can outsource it to XDA developers, as XDA developers are 10000 times better than ASUS own developers.

    When I go for XDA developers forum , they are giving better solutions and fix to most of issues we have. and i don't know whether we paid for ASUS or for XDA developers

  • Please solve the speaker sound problem it's very low after stable pie 9 update

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