Zenbook 13 UX333FA just only got it a few weeks ago and now it keeps bsoding after fan stopped worki

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  • this is what keeps reappearing. by any chance does this coincide with the asus sync removal?

  • This error is belongs to system services . . Many of the persons experienced same issues with different computers. Solve this error is very difficult.

    Did you made any changes in windows before getting this error?

    But I give some clues.

    Boot the windows into safemode and work for some time.

  • it is also making very loud annoying sound and I am unable to stop it :( what do i do.

  • My OS was window pro inside edition and literally everything was working completely fine. I even backed up all the files and what not but suddenly just went haywire. I will record a clip of what it is doing.

  • What type of sound?. then boot the windows into safemode with networking and connect to internet, update the device driver

  • Did you mean window's 10 preview insdier edition.

    Sorry still that edition is released to public.

  • yes, sorry. I believe i had the slowest adjustment setting on the windows insider program. I tried to turn it off but i dont think it easily allowed me to. I never realized it could be such a pain to deal with.

  • i have absolutely no idea what the sound is. I finally got around to being able to get to the command prompt. I am now removing uninstalling some updates and then will proceed to use linux command to fix and in safe mode.

    I just hope i wont have to reset everything because that would be really annoying.

  • prior to the computer flipping out though, I did notice that asus sync was missing and i didn't get very far in exploring what else was before the bsod occured

  • well fudge.. it didnt even boot into safe mode. Does that mean this is really bad?

  • There are several methods are there. Critical process died means one of the executable file is not compatible with current Windows 10 . Prevent the hardware damage, sometimes windows will shutdown itself.

  • interesting. So i just got througfh the safeboot. I ran all the sfc commands and the Dism commands and it still hasnt located it.. what else can i do?

    just reset and try to boot again?

  • Dont reset now. After reset if again bsod comes means what you do?

  • I would've returned it hahaha honestly. But I honestly do really like this computer. It works so well but when it glitches it glitches BADDDD.

    It only took the whole night for the system to reset. Hopefully it does not occur again. It seems windows preview does NOT help and was part of the issue somehow. I tried everything and finally fixed it for the most part...

    Howevver now I still cannot access touch pad functions and for a long time could only move around my laptop with tab and the keyboard buttons.

    Such a struggle.

    Now I can't also find my model on the Zenbook area. All the zenbooks seem to have a gpu :( but mine didn't come with one even though I thought I originally was purchasing one with a gpu inside.

    I'd say I have been pretty sad about the experience with the laptop. But I like it so much too LOL such struggles.

  • Hello ajl,

    Please kindly reset your OS back to factory OS or send your device to service center.

    Our technical support would be glad to help after this.

    Thank you.

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