PSA - Do not upgrade w/ 4/18 - Can No Longer Force higher/120fps

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Not sure why not a lot of people are screaming, but the latest patch no longer allows you to force higher fps in games

For everyone's benefit, we used to be able to do this with the following easy steps

- ensure homescreen at 60fps, no xmode

- setup armory, extreme boost, extreme temp,120hz refresh

Once the game is opened, minimize/go back to homescreen, wait a second and go back to the game. Not sure what this triggers but your FPS essentially doubles. Tested on hundred souls and world of dragon nest games.

This obviously makes the phone very hot and drains battery like f. HOWEVER, this is what makes the phone great and the reason i bought it.

This functionality has been taken away in the last patch. THIS CRIPPLES OUR PHONES SIGNIFICANTLY. If you have not done it before then you should try it. World of a difference. Sadly the devs reverted it and WE ARE NOW LEFT WITH AN EXPENSIVE MEDIOCRE PHONE. I mean id like to be less abbraisive, but come on man the latest software updates arent really fixing much even. Why "fix" something that made this phone stand out


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  • For the two games i play it works 100% the time :-)

  • This causes many many many poorly coded games to break. When the game is not designed to work at beyond 60Hz (or whichever FPS limit they set). Some work fine, some run at twice the speed (not just twice the fps, but twice the game speed), some tear up terribly, some have sync issues.. and so on.

    And a lot of users didnt know why this was happening. This is not an intended way to break games.

  • I have played those two mentioned games daily and they did not break.

    Played more previously as side games such as: black dessert mobile, archero, soul of eden, ffwar of visions, capsulemon, honkai impact 3rd, guardian tales etc

    NOT ONE CRASHED, SHOWED TEARING OR ARTIFACTS. Not a single one. Only drawback? Hot phone, drained battery. Not everything hit 120fps sure but they ran much faster and smoother, night and day difference

    With all due respect that forced 120fps was not destroying games. I do not buy that at all. The phone can handle it and they took away that feature - or you can say crippled our "gaming phone"

  • I feel like this behavior should be an option in the Crate. I used this all the time in Azur Lane and it didn't break.

    Would like to see this brought back.

  • Bumping for visibility. Give us our graphics back! Lol

  • A9 or the initial A10 build back in March i think. I haven't rolled back yet, no time to back up files but will most likely stay at the previous A10 build

    If you are happy with the current fps you don't have too. As for me i have seen what this phone can do and i will never go back to piss poor fps

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