Asus Max Pro M2 starts receiving another update in Pie with April security patch. (Not Android 10)

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Please tell us some basic information before asking for help:

  1. Model Name: Max Pro M2 ZB630KL
  2. Firmware Version: .075 Latest firmware released for Pie users
  3. Rooted or not: No
  4. Frequency of Occurrence:
  5. APP Name & APP Version (If your issue relates to the app): System update

In addition to information above, please also provide as much details as you can, e.g., using scenario, what troubleshooting you've already done, screenshot, etc.




  • ShahedShahed Level 2

    Chalo atleast a security patch, and now it is confirmed it might take more 1 month to get android Q stable update.

  • Can You please tell me how i connect my echo dot to asus phone

  • Right now, looking for the same for last 1 hour .. Trying hard because I am sure there must be some bugs hidden somewhere.. 😁😁

  • Considering you already have the "Amazon Alexa" app installed in your Asus phone, follow the below mentioned steps :

    1. Start your Echo Dot and open the "Amazon Alexa" app on your Asus phone.
    2. Go to the menu option available at the top left corner with 3 mini parallel bars.
    3. Tap on "Settings" and then tap on "Device Settings".
    4. Here you should see your own Echo Dot name along with "Online" mentioned below the Echo Dot.
    5. Tap on the Echo Dot name and then in the next screen, tap on "Bluetooth devices".
    6. On the next screen, tap on "Pair a new device" button.
    7. Now after clicking on the "Pair a new device" button, minimize the Amazon Alexa app and open the "Settings" from the menu of your Asus phone.
    8. After opening "Settings" menu, tap on "Connected devices" option and then tap on "Pair new device" option.
    9. After tapping on "Pair new device", you will see your Echo Dot device name under the "Available devices" section.
    10. Tap on your Echo Dot device name and then tap on "Pair" button.
    11. After pairing is done, you would see your Echo Dot device name under "Available media devices" with "Active" mentioned below of it. Which means pairing ia done successfully. Its just an one time procedure you have to follow.
    12. From the next time, just after turning on your Echo Dot, turn on your bluetooth and say "Alexa, connect my phone". Your phone would be then connected with the Echo Dot and you would use your Echo Dot to play music.
  • Let us know is it worth of upgrade. Any major bug fix or improvement is there. I can't hold with this buggy Android 10 for another 1 month.

    May be i will down grade my mobile to Android 9 or install custom ROM after lock down

    Even the new zen talk UI has bugs. Really i am surprised that whether ASUS has QA(Quality Analyst). A simple basic testing was not performed(on zentalk UI). Now i am seriously afraid to update to new versions.

  • why the android 10 keeps getting delayed. i m so frustrated 😔

  • Chu tiya hai asuwale

  • BlueHuntBlueHunt Level 3
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    There's no bug fix available in this update except the April security patch and some updated apn list. Trying to figure out any bugs are given or not but till now, didn't see any luckily. Maybe some of the bugs could pop-up like slow charging or battery draining or heating up etc.

    Asus just confirmed one thing by giving this .075 update for Max Pro M2 and .063 for Max Pro M1, that they are not going to release the stable Android 10 within the next 1 month of time. Its just an unofficial announcement from their side that "take this latest update with latest security patch and stay happy, stop asking the same question about the release date of Android 10 for now"..

    Yeah, this web version of Zentalk is too having bugs like you can't edit your comments more than 1 time in a day, sometimes saving the comment after doing 1 edit deletes the reply you made and if you don't copy them before posting, you have to start writing again... Also, you can't start typing just after quoting someone's comment, if you start typing as soon as hitting the quote button, your typing won't work.. Lol. 🤣🤣

  • In Taiwan HQ, Asus developers get 72 hours instead of 24 hours for a day. Which means, they work 3 times slower than what we think they do.

  • On which mobile network wifi calling is working (wifi calling symbol is visible in screenshot).

  • @Sanju I was happy reading your reply in one of the post that .073 was the bridge update for Android 10 but I think nw it wasn't right?

  • he is just a dump ass person, who is just too much free these days, maybe because of this lockdown. so what he is doing is just replying to all the posts and talking bullshit.

    he doesn't have any info or knowledge, he is just a dump one, don't believe in his comments, just ignore

    (and yes i remember the comment u r talking about, i also remember that shit, where he said that 071 is a bridge and final update for pie

    bullshit, he is someone with no info and just comment on everything to seek attention and manipulate people)

  • Comparing the size difference between .073 and .075, .073 came with larger size and 2 other bug fixes alongwith the February security patch, so by that time, that update was sufficient for pie users to receive the Stable Android 10. Now if Asus considers giving April security patch with a smaller size of firmware to just delay releasing the Stable Android 10, then they can even release .077 with June security patch in June if they fail to publish the Stable 10 on server by June.. Then would you consider the .077 as the bridge update? For all pie users, who are currently running on .071 (or even below), they must have to be on .073 or above (such as .075 as per today's firmware version) to receive the Stable Android 10 upgrade notification.

  • How get this update? As of now(21st april,12:10 am) I've not got any update, I have an same device as of yours!

  • FOTA updates are pushed in batches.. your device would also get it in a day or two. Keep checking system update section time to time.

  • Asus celling screen app not installed in my phone how to install

  • Apps not installed in my phone

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