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I have Rog phone 2 for 6 months now and have been facing an issue of frame drop while playing the game which need only 60fps. I was gonna go for iPhone but I really love gaming and android so chose to buy Rog 2 but now I am regretting as it is a gaming phone but doesn't even support the game properly.

What am I doing wrong or its the phone problem?

Please comment


  • Have you downloaded the latest FW which ends with .32? What is the reported temperature by game genie when you play and experience frame drops?

  • I have updated the latest security patch still the game is choppy like it constantly going down to 50fps when taking close fight and the temperature rises above 45 while playing with X mode on . Can you tell me any ideal settings for Armoury crate (pubg)?

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    Try this. Also put temperature to high. Although after the new update i don't find a need to use this x mode setting. Just putting temp on high gives me stable 60 fps but do try it.

  • Try this profile,with this phone heats less,almost gives 60fps.just unzip the file in any folder,then go to armoury crate then to pubg section in the download symbol on the top right corner and select all the profiles You need for pubg

  • I dnt think there is any issue with pubg for now , after the latest update i.e .32. Try out settings like - ultimate on (Xmode) 2.96 CPU and normal temp. Also if the problem still exists then try resetting your network settings as they sometimes ruin the game it's not always the phone . If its still there , swtich the refresh rate (from armory crate settings) to 120hz and temp on high , try it for sometime then again you can shift to 90 or 60 whatever you prefer and set temp to normal again. Boom you are good to go , aslo if you want to play at 120hz then temp settings will go same after sometime shift it to normal tho. Thankyou

  • I had faced similar issue, but here is the fix, no matter what settings you put for x mode and refresh rate, Just keep TEMPERATURE CONTROL : HIGH, boom isssue solved! I'll share my screenshot. (Sidenote: you don't really require xmode for pubg, its never gonna go above 60fps, and yet normal x mode off gives 60fps constantly, with considerably less heating)

  • As others have already pointed out, changing your temperature control to high is the fastest solution but you need to address your high temperature for more comfortable gaming.

    I'm guessing you have a high ambient temperature but there are a couple of things you can do to achieve lower temps

    1. Do not charge while gaming

    2. See if you can lower any of the game settings without a major impact on the visual experience. (Anti aliasing is not necessary IMO)

    3. Lower your brightness

    4. Don't have a higher refresh rate than necessary (keep it at 60hz for PUBG)

    5. Use aeroactive cooler or a stand/table fan

    6. WiFi produces less heat than 4G

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