Why i cant update to android 10

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What i suppose to do?? I cant update to android 10

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    God blessed you my friend !

    Don't upgrade ..

    Everyone is trapped

    Phone is just half bricked could not play any games now .

    They will release next update with fix after 6 months.

    Till then rog 2 owners will be sleeping in graveyard


  • Lol, uhmmm I don't know maybe in one thing I just garefull but in another thing I just sad, because when I look another info in Asus official website I found kinda manual update so I try it, after I restart my phone I have a warning g.co/abh when I restart my phone (kinda change my phone source) did you know how to fix it mate?? FYI I already hard reset my phone :(

  • Just download the latest FW from our webpage and put the zip file in you root. It will then tell you that there's an update. Easy peasy

  • Your phone is too weak!

  • As per Anders said, it is an easy task to do.

    1. Go to Asus ROG Phone 2 Firmware Download

    2. Download your firmware. Ensure your version whether CN or WW. Check it on your rog phone 2 about phone page.

    3. Move the downloaded firmware to internal storage. The root location just like in Windows c:

    4. If 3 is done well, a notifications would show up for system update.

    5. Press the update button. Please make sure that you have enough battery juice for the process.

    6. Profit!

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