Zenfone 5 Android 10 Bugs

PhoenixyPhoenixy Level 1
edited April 8 in ZenFone 5 Series

I'd like to report some bugs I found:

  1. During calls, the other half can't hear me.
  2. During Google Hangouts calls (other similar apps may also affected, like Messenger, Whatsapp) I can't hear the other half, only crazy sounds (not sure if the other half can hear me, probably not).
  3. The default "Display size" is huge. When I set it to small in the Settings (Settings --> Display --> Display Size --> Small), it becomes much normal in terms of size, but it also creates another bug. On the home screen, one less row is available. I've attached an image, no icons can be placed on the bottom (Nothing can be placed under the "Dialer - Maps - Chrome row").


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