Zenfone 5 Android 10 Bugs

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I'd like to report some bugs I found:

  1. During calls, the other half can't hear me.
  2. During Google Hangouts calls (other similar apps may also affected, like Messenger, Whatsapp) I can't hear the other half, only crazy sounds (not sure if the other half can hear me, probably not).
  3. The default "Display size" is huge. When I set it to small in the Settings (Settings --> Display --> Display Size --> Small), it becomes much normal in terms of size, but it also creates another bug. On the home screen, one less row is available. I've attached an image, no icons can be placed on the bottom (Nothing can be placed under the "Dialer - Maps - Chrome row").


  • Downloaded that but sceptical to install since it mentioned developer version.... I am no developer so I'll wait for a stable android 10 instead...

  • good day! do you know how to fix the bug with the fact that the other person can't hear me?

  • it's developer version, just wait until the final version released

  • patrickolintopatrickolinto Level 1
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    Even as a developer version, minimum is people can hear you in a call.

    The call doesn't working. Only on speakerphone

  • Working gcam for zenfone 5 ?

  • Moro no Brasil e ainda não foi atualizado para o 10

  • Sad thing is not many developers interested in working with this device...

  • Same thing here...when doing a normal phone call the other person can´t hear me (although I can her them). That´s still the most basic funtion of a mobile phone, acceptig and doing phone calls.

    Another small thing: When pressing the "Gallery" symbol nothing much happens, at least you will not be directed to your photos...

  • That´s the smartest thing to do...after updating to android 10 I can no longer accept phone calls since the other person cannot hear me...:-(

  • blackcroweblackcrowe Level 1
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    Disabling "OK Google" at least helps with the phone mic problem and allows normal phone use again!!

  • Hi all,

    We've checked with relevant teams about the calling problem.

    Please check whether "OK Google" is enabled. If yes, we suggest that you try disabling it and check if this improves the problem.

    Thanks for your understanding.

  • Hi Phoenixy,

    The default display size looks similar to Android Pie. But we've checked with relevant teams about the space under the last row of apps on home screen. Thank you 🙂

  • Hi blackcrowe,

    Could you show us a screenshot of the "Gallery" symbol? Thank you 🙂

  • vá em configurações/ assistente de voz/clique na engrenagem no app assistivo/ voice match/desative o OK GOOGLE.

    no meu Z5 funcionou.

    espero ter ajudado.

  • Hi Phoenixy,

    The space under the last row of the apps has been confirmed to be expected behavior of Android 10.

    Thanks for your understanding.

  • Hi all!

    So far, are those the only bugs that you found? I have the file downlaoded just last night, but I'm still half hearted with installing the update.

  • After I installed this update, I miss the old Android Pie UI right away. It's completely stock android and all the features of the previous version are GONE. I think even on the final release I won't be installing this anymore

  • edited April 2020

    I want ZenUi 6 with Android10 , like ZenFone5z have. This one is very bad. Better stay stuck in android9 with ZenUi5, than this "android 10" without ZenUi6. 😔

  • I agree here are just some of the other bugs that I found while using the OS

    • when in dark mode, part of the previous opened app shows in the black background

    • speaker sounds like it's only coming from the earpiece when it comes to media files and calls (it's not as loud as before)

    • network selection does not allow you to connect to other network stuck on automatic selection

    • NO MORE AI FEATURES (Twin apps, page maker, mobile manager, power master, themes and other AI Features on ZenUI)

    • Bad Camera on apps like Tiktok , Messemger etc (while using both back and front camera it is too laggy but camera app is good)

    • Camera front and back has a lot of noise to it (under dark lighting) and capture of sound is very low (as if you are too far from the camera when holding it)

    • Prompt for security features will mot go away in settings even thoigh I have already set up both Face recognition and Fingerprint unlock

    • when connected to bluetooth devices, volume adjustment doesn't work, it must be adjusted from the bluetooth device

    • display is too warm! It's yellowish (I miss the Splendid feature of ZenUI to adjust the display for my eye's comfort)

    • Bubbles feature for messaging apps not working (like chathead feature of facebook messenger)

    • wallpaper set from photos does not cover the whole screen there is a black space at the bottom of the screen

  • I dont know if this is a bug but the info at the sim card doesnt show no carrier name.

    Android pie showed my carrier vodafone.

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