No sound/beep/vibration after any call has ended in silent/vibration profile.

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Model: ZS620KL
Firmware/APP Version: WW-
Frequency of Occurrence: Everytime
Rooted: No
APP Name:

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There is no notification (sound or vibration) when the call has ended in the silent or vibration profile after the android 10 update. Neither does the screen turn on since proximity sensor is on.
It was there before android 10, it is a must feature... As sometimes we presume the person has not yet ended the call from his her side, we would keep the phone on our ear.. Besides post after sometime i realise the call was ended minutes ago. I cannot keep on checking again and again by removing phone from my ear.
Please asus... Restore the sound or provide a vibration after a call ends..... It would really help.
Humble request to you.


  • Why can't I reply in the zentalk app??? It says you are not authorized to post im this forum.... What's happening?????

    Please someone reply???..

  • And why can't i find the zentalk app on the play store???

  • Please someone reply.... Is anyone duplicating this issuee...??

  • Any moderator listening to this issue???

  • Pls someone reply??.... Is anyone facing this issue...??

  • Yeah this has to solve , all this missing features makes user experience so dull ..

  • Anyone else facing this issue??? Pls reply someone..... Really need this thing to work out. 🙏🏻🙏🏻🙏🏻

  • This is delibrate design by asus to stick closer to stock like experience in zenui 6 on A10 which behaves same on pixel😊 proximity sensor issue seems like bug a factory reset can fix that after every new os firmware update factory reset is recommended to get most of problems fixed u cn give a try 😊 hve a nice day stay safe t.c.

  • Aldredy done a factory reset bro..... But this feature is really necessary. Having a stock like experience does not mean we will have to perish ourselves from necessary features. This is very imp., as one can not know if the call is still in progress or has been hanged up. He keeps on thinking that the call is still in progress. It is very hassle.

    Every other smartphone has this feature either a tone or a haptic feedback. Atleast they can provide a haptic feedback.

    Request you to support me/us in requesting asus to bring back this feature. It is no harm if you see. Pls.


  • Hey, @Victor0_ASUS..... Do you duplicate this problem.???

  • This is default stock android design it will not change until n unless google changes it alredy confirmed it with mods


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    But I had a conversation with one of the mods and they said they would look into the issue. Besides every other smartphones has this feature exept the "pixel" and if asus is copying everything from pixel and stock android design.... Why then even give us zenui??? It was there before android 10 update. Why can't they implement now??? And about this that in vibration it has to be no sound, then i dont think just a small "tu du" sound that too from the earpiece could be out so loud that it would be against our profile sound norms (meetings, DND etc). It's just a sound that too comes from earpiece after a call has ended. What's the big deal then about the stock android design. If I wanted stock UI I must have gone for the pixel no.

    Pls understand. (really need this working)


  • This is understandable i know u desperatly need this even i want it too n i was same bit frustated with new A10 update when i received it and had my first call n i kept on speaking i didnt even knew that caller had hung up n i kept on speaking and after sometime when i finished my side of talking then it was silence n checked with screen it was hung up haha i was so annoyed as per my experience and also usually i keep my phone in silent mode always n then i asked mods several times but the only answer i got was right now they dont have plan to implement it as its default design on stock and zenui follows stock in terms of bloatfree ui n feature set also there is lot more yet to be focused n fix so for now say no to u" tu du "feature and get used to it

    i got used to it now 😊

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