Zenfone 5 blurry camera

Model: ZE620KL
Firmware/APP Version: WW_16.0615.1908.109
Frequency of Occurrence: Everytime
Rooted: No
APP Name: Camera

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</font></font></div><div><font face="Tahoma"><font size="3">Hi, ever since the new update, my camera took a blurry photo if the object is more than 1 meter (and infinity), the focus is fine with object less than 1 meter (up to around 10 cm). The firmware is <u>WW.Phone-16.0615.1905.102-0</u> and my Camera app version is <u></u></font></font>
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<ul><li><font face="Tahoma"><font size="3">I already tried to <u>reset my phone twice</u>, but it still takes a blurry photo.</font></font></li><li><font face="Tahoma"><font size="3">Tried formatting cache partition, still blurry.</font></font></li><li><font face="Tahoma"><font size="3">Resetting the camera app, still blurry.</font></font></li><li><font face="Tahoma"><font size="3">Tried changing saving location from MicroSD to internal is still blurry</font></font></li><li><font face="Tahoma"><font size="3">The bug is only in main camera, the ultra-wide is not affected.</font></font></li><li><font face="Tahoma"><font size="3">Pro mode's manual focus is also take blurry photo even with the slider is cranked to infinite.</font></font>

<font face="Tahoma"><font size="3">Here's the example in 10 cm distance (good focus):</font></font>
<img src="https://dlcdnww-zentalk.asus.com/zentalk/data/attachment/image/000/45/61/91_500_500.jpg?ramdom=YT2lE" border="0" aid="attachimg_456191" width="225" alt="">

Here's when taking photo with 1+ meter (blurry):
<img src="https://dlcdnww-zentalk.asus.com/zentalk/data/attachment/image/000/45/61/92_500_500.jpg?ramdom=RVfBV" border="0" aid="attachimg_456192" width="225" alt="">

100% crop, so blurry.
<img src="https://dlcdnww-zentalk.asus.com/zentalk/data/attachment/image/000/45/61/93_500_500.jpg?ramdom=mV7t9" border="0" aid="attachimg_456193" width="500" alt="">

Waiting for firmware fix ASAP.Can't afford to bring the phone to service center as the nearest service center is located at 5 hours driving (200+ km, shitty road) from my location.



  • Damn, no reply at all..

    I've decided to bring my phone to service center, and they said the camera hardware is okay, they simply downgrade the firmware and the camera came back clear, but after upgrading the firmware to the latest version, the blurry camera is back.

    I think the culprit is faulty firmware 16.0615.1905.102

    Trying to downgrade it again to see if it is indeed the latest firmware that faulty. Brb.
  • Now it has firmware 16.0615.1907.105 and the camera version is but it is still blurry. The service center did nothing but downgrading the firmware. Come on Asus, you guys better than this...
  • ikkigooners posted on 2019/7/20 08:53
    Damn, no reply at all..

    I've decided to bring my phone to service center, and they said the camera ...

    What version of firmware are you currently using after the downgrade?
  • sutami.machful posted on 2019/8/26 13:33
    What version of firmware are you currently using after the downgrade?

    It was WW_16.0615.1905.100, and then 105 update came, it bring the problem back.

    Now another FAULTY update is coming, WW_16.0615.1908.109, it completely "destroy" camera quality... it can't even use manual focus.
  • Ladies and gentleman, please welcome another GREAT update: WW_16.0615.1908.109.

    Take a first look at Asus' finest firmware to date....

    Attachment not found.

    Look at all that amazing detail, mesmerizing...

    Now that's what I call an AI Camera! WAY TO GO ASUS!
  • Decided to went to service center for the second time and asking them to just replace the camera module - last time I went there, they just downgrade the firmware. Well, the problem is fixed now.
  • @ikkigooners Dude.. Now I am also facing the same problem with Zenfone 5Z.. What was the final solution to sort out? And how much it costed to replace the camera module in 5Z? Please reply dude. Thanks!

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