When using zoom starting 1.7 zoom until 4.0 zoom

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Model: ZE620KL
Firmware/APP Version:
Frequency of Occurrence: 80%
Rooted: No
APP Name: Camera

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When using zoom starting 1.7 zoom until 4.0 zoom. Too much pixelization when zooming and only happens in the main rear camera. The pixel is not evident at the start but pops up after a few seconds usage. I mean when zooming 1st its not there and the 2nd try its there. The pixel some times multiplies in other parts like a disco light, but the one pixel which I took is always there. I cover my finger at the camera and use the zoom and you will see it. The image below with the black circle is at 4.0 zoom the 2nd and succeeding times. The image without the black circle is the se 4.0 zoom done the 1st time.
I never had this problem before and I think its a software problem because it's looks like it's imtermitent. I have never dropped the phone ever. Occasional bumps when holding the phone but never a drop. My phone is always in a soft cushioned bag for phones. My phone is not even a year old and is having problems. If it's a hardware issue will it be fixed or a replacement be a better solution. Please help. I'm an avid ASUS user with 2 phones, a laptop and. O!Play. Please help me.


  • Mine was fine except on slow motion. When it zoomed,Pixelation comes.
  • Hi crissyneth,

    Good day.
    May I check again whether the pixel white dots are like a star to flicking?
    If yes. I've passed this case to our tech team for a check.

    Thank you.
  • Hi crissyneth ,

    Good day,
    May I check with you again whether your phone is ZS620KL?
    Could you please kindly show me your firmware version?
    (settings> system > about phone > software information > build number)

    Thank you.
  • Actually it many white dots are flickering except for that same white dot which I encircled in black. It flickers also nut the white color is very much apparent like a pixel damage or something. Also I just found out that my front camera is also having the same issue, only thing is it's reversed; meaning its in the same area but like a flipped pic. I hope you can understand me. The conclusion I have is when you take selfies the photo is flipped right. It's something like that. Flip the pic I sent and it's like that, but here's another catch...it's flickering only. I mean the its not like the white pixel damage. I'm really sorry if my explanation is very vague, but the way I look at it I really believe it's a software issue. It's the same problem for both main camera's front and back.
    I left it yesterday afternoon April 2nd in a branch in Quintin Paredes here in the Philippines and they're saying about a reflash of the software via ASUS tech. Now a day has passed and they're still checking, but they said they already flashed the phone.
  • Redlithxeon,

    I haven't checked the slow motion yet, but all I can say is the Zoom 4X of my Zenfone 5Z is perfect when I used it on my son's shool foundation day. It was perfect in my amateur eyes that's all I can say and never a pixelation problem while zooming in and out. FYI... I shot the video and pics in an auditorium which is very dark and light projectors here and there. So far the shots were amazing for me. That's why I'm very disappointed when this happened. I only THINK it may be because of the update last February 2019, but that's just my opinion. There may be other forces at work. I reaaly hope they fix my phone without replacing any parts.
  • crissyneth posted on 2019/4/3 15:15
    Actually it many white dots are flickering except for that same white dot which I encircled in black ...

    Hi crissyneth,

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    I've texted you by PM, please kindly check your message box.

    We would appreciate your reply. :)
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