Calls not able to answer via Bluetooth Earphones

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Earphones are connected and I can hear songs from YouTube and music players but when it comes to a call I have to talk via phone not through the Bluetooth Earphones. Faving this issue for past 2 days. Have restarted both earphones and mobile. Still facing the same i


  • Have you recently updated the phone? This could be something a factory reset can resolve.

    One thing you can try before that is to forget all devices on your Bluetooth settings for the phone and the earpieces, and then try to pair them as if for the first time. If that doesn't resolve it, then a factory reset is the most surefire option.

  • Yes, lately updated to android 10 got an OTA. Will try doing the factory reset that will do I guess.

  • This is a basic response but have you tried selecting audio input/output on the call screen? Even with Bluetooth headphones connected I think the predetermined option is to use the phone speaker/mic but you can change it to the Bluetooth headset.

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