Bugs in Rogphone II after android 10 update

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I am experiencing a lot of bugs after android 10 update

1. Mobile battrey is discharging rapidly . Read next line after seeing screenshot -The screen never used so much battrey before. Nor did ambient screen. And I didn't used whatsapp for 7 and half hours .

I don't know what is happening

2. Sometimes back button doesn't work. Only vibration is activated when I press the back button . I have to click home button

3. Ads. Yes after updating to android 10. I am experiencing a lot of pop up ads after updating to android 10. Who would expect after spending 40k

Whenever I unlock the mobile my chrome just opens with a url . And sometimes pop up also comes. Please fix these.

I have attached the screenshot.


  • 1) Most likely this is Facebook or another rogue app draining battery in the background. Recommend you back up your data, factory reset the device, and test for battery drain BEFORE re-installing your apps. This will tell you if the phone is draining, or the apps are the culprit.

    2) Have you tried Android 10 Gesture navigation? It is a much better navigation system in my opinion, might be worth a shot.

    3) Can you show us a video? You mean you have ads when on a web browser correct? The recommendation there is to use an ad-blocker or avoid those websites. Not an Android 10 issue.

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