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It's finally here, now the question is to proceed or not considering the multiple bug reports after the update. What do you guys think?



  • I think A9 was better many bugs in A10 and also performance is degraded than A9 . But if u wanna see new things u can download it :)

  • Just updated, time to observe. Fingers crossed hopefully nothing major happens.

  • Please proceed brah... I'm really enjoying & impressed after updating.great improvement!! No bugs whatsoever as been reported.besides only slightly warm below the cooper slot when gaming,thats it!!

  • Guys do I have to backup my data before updating? Will updating erase my exisiting data like pictures and contacts ?

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    It should not but it's always safe to backup.

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    I've just finished updating my phone too. Will report in a wek how it was! For starters I like the tweaks of some things, like the notifications and quick toggles pannel's new "entire black" colour and the ability to toggle on and off autobrightness right from the pnnel.

  • So far so good guys, nothing significant has happened so far. Heck, I would actually go as far as saying that everything is actually more snappier. No temperature fluctuations or ridiculous battery consumption as well. After updating I cleared all app cache and rebooted again. I'll keep on monitoring.

  • Day 2 and I'm happy to report that everything is still A-ok. Battery management seems to be better. UI is smooth as silk. Played a couple of games (Asphalt 9, CoD mobile and Mobile Legends) and temps were normal, no lags no stutters and air triggers work flawlessly. I'll monitor for a week and give daily updates.

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    Day 3: I drained my phone and charged it to 100% which took 1 hour and 30 minutes using the 30 watt charger which was normal. Upon booting though videos or apps that use audio would hang (youtube, spotify etc.), volume keys stopped working and there was no audio. A couple of minutes later I received a message saying AudioWizard has crashed. Tried restarting a couple of times but the issue persisted. I cleared the storage for both AudioWizard and it's service and restarted the phone and that seemed to fix the issue. Aside from that all is still well. Very bizarre bug/issue and I don't know what triggered it.

  • Do yourself a favor and downgrade back to A9. A10 is too buggy right now.

  • Thanks for the advice but I'll stick to A10 for now, for the past three days that's the one and only issue I faced and I was able to have it resolved anyway. In a nutshell the pros outweigh the cons for me right now.

  • Day 4: Nothing new, phone still feels as fluid and snappy from the time I upgraded. Battery management has become better. Did a couple of restarts and did not encounter the weird AudioWizard issue. Temps actually are better, never hit 40 degrees Celsius when playing even without the aero cooler.

  • Pls keep keeping an eye on your update...i had that audio bug issue with bt and speaker where sound didn't produced even when playback was on... Restart did the trick... But i got back to a9 because of that.. But still.. Will do upgrade over fota this time in sometime(did manually before)...

  • Sorry I was not able to provide an update yesterday. In any case see below:

    Day 5: Chrome froze for a second or two while scrolling but never happened again. Probably an isolated issue but I'll keep my eyes peeled.

    Day 6: I installed a new game (Knighthood) and there were some frame drops here and there even with X mode enabled for the first couple of hours. Frame rate is a lot better and stable now but still pretty low considering the specs of this phone (fps of 25 -70). Battery consumption I would say is still pretty normal, I start charging when battery reaches 20-40% till 80% and drain the battery once a month 0-100% while phone is off. I have 120hz enabled since I got the phone back in November and encountered no display issues till now.

    Overall performance is definitely still satisfactory, AudioWizard issue seems to be fixed for good (fingers crossed). Let me know if there are any specific aspects / things you guys want me to focus or keep an eye on.

  • Try different games by altering settings to different levels e.g x mode off , mid level performance, anti aliasing on/off... And see if performance drops or not..

    I had Bluetooth blank sound issue... So if u have Bluetooth headset , try switching different media players while playing and see if sound goes off or not..


  • Nice to see someone posting update proving that Android 10 is worth updating to. When I try Knighthood, fps drops when a new fight is loading but during the fight, it's quite stable. This game won't go over 70 FPS. Weird number to lock the refresh rate to but they probably have their reasons.

  • Anders, could you pls advise download link for Android 10? I saw in website Asus only WW ROM for JP and IN SKUs

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    Hi....i found a new bug in a10.... First i foorti flashed manually and didn't find the issue... Than i did factory reset and installed a10... And found the bug...

    Than i rolled back to a9... And bug gone...

    But then updated again through fota... And bug appears..

    So the bug is.... When i am connected through Bluetooth and i switch media player while playing eg from power amp to Google Play music then playback switches to gpm and plays but sound disappears even with speakers no matter what i play....

    Restart only does the trick .... Pls check this...

    One more thing.... If i pause the playback and then switch the music player then this does not happen... Pls pay attention to this ..

  • I recently purchased the Rog Phone 2 and had to do a bunch of fingerprint and other stuff to be able to finally manually update all the way up to the Android 10 update. One by one!

    I did make sure to factory reset my phone BEFORE i did ANY thing to do with updating/firmware stuff.

    So far so good! Amazing phone so far and update too!

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