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One thing i noticed is that when i take a night shot (on night mode) it doesn't load up completely. By that i mean the circle that show that multiple frames are being captured stops halfway and i get a below par image. This doesn't happen on gcam and also when it the circle fully 'loads' , the image is much better. So is this a software issue? That night mode doesn't take many frames or more seconds to capture a photo.


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    In my case it takes a full circle. Sometimes faster, sometimes slower. Depending on the scene. But this is the worst mode in the app. I usually get better results in manual mode and later increase brightness/ exposure in the gallery app.

  • I also face the same issue. For daylight images I use stock camera, for night photos I use Gcam.

    In night mode using stock camera, there is only a quarter circle and image is pitch black but in Gcam there is magic, it captures good photos in lowest lighting conditions.

  • Tested on mine and it behaves the same way. 8 times out of 10 it just shows half the circle load. I don't really care about mine as I never use the camera but I hope you guys get an explanation for this odd behavior.

  • For reference bottom image is captured from stock camera and top image is captured with Gcam. Bottom image is what real scenario is that if pitch dark but as you can see Gcam processes night image much better which is missing in stock camera.

  • Our night mode is much more sensitive to movement compared to Gcam. It's quite common that you will not see the full circle animation unless you're in tripod mode. The animation may get shorter if it detects a lot of movement so it's not recommended to take night shots from a horse back ;)

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    I guess this is why mine makes always full circle. I keep it on a support every time. Whichever is at hand.

  • Why do I sense sarcasm here.

    Where is tripod mode?

    I tried taking stable shots using both gcam and stock cam. My concern is not why Gcam performs better, rather why there is no noticable difference between photo mode and night mode in stock cam. Also in my lifetime, I haven't taken a single shot from horse back.

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    Well it needs to be improved because everyone doesn't have a tripod and everyone doesn't use gcam. So basically night mode is useless because of movements that are bound to happen. Maybe you can ask the developers to look into it.

  • It was not my intention to imply that you had ever take a photo from a horse back. It was just the first thing that came to mind where it's really hard to hold the camera still.

    Making a good night mode is really hard. You have lots of images being put together and most them will be thrown away if there's too much movement so the software can't stitch them together. This is why normal photo mode can result in an almost equally good image. It's also worth knowing that if the camera considers that it's too bright, then it won't activate night mode even though you're in night mode mode. You will know depending if the night mode logo is showing during the photo capture or not.

    Tripod mode becomes available automatically when the phone is held absolutely still. It's almost impossible to hold it still enough without a tripod to activate this mode so leaning against something won't be enough.

  • Anyways, a little bit more processing and optimization for night mode would be very helpful. Phone already has the best camera sensor out there.

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    To expect amazing night photos by just tapping the shutter icon is unrealistic. Even with high end DSLR when taking multiple exposures in raw format or even if taking HDR photos in tiff/jpeg one has to stand still and learn the skill. Even more so than with a phone. Otherwise there is a mismatch between exposures and photos are blurry. It's not so difficult to find any support, even the palm of a hand with the elbow pressed against the body, use timer and hold breath while the job is done. And Rog 2 in this field is doing just fine.

    But it doesn't mean that night mode cannot be improved. By that I mean first of all shadow and highlight management, detail and noise. I have to say that my experience is limited to these phones: Huawei P20pro , P30pro; Samsung S8, Note 8,9, various iPhones. Huawei just shines. Photos are high in detail, but noise is controlled very well. Also dark and bright areas are well balanced. Samsung would reduce noise a lot but would smudge everything, for example fine grain in the wood. No fine detail at all, just pumped colours. iPhones would make natural colour, nice detail but with noticeable noise. Rog would be iPhone style, but worse. Some detail is present but noise is high. Also dark and bright areas are not balanced so detail is lost in the dark. Since Rog has one of the best sensors, this could be improved in software. By the way I tried GCAM night mode and I am not happy. It's balancing dark and bright well, still detail is lost. Actually most of 3rd party apps cannot make photos as good as stock app. The portrait mode in the stock app on the other hand shines. I really like how ASUS managed the gradation of the blurr and manages detail in the center. I believe the night mode can be brought to the same level of refinement.

    I am still on A9, so maybe in A10 things will be improved?

  • Camera will be pretty much the same in A10. You won't notice any noticeable difference.

    Currently Apple, Huawei and Samsung have camera departments that are much bigger than ours. We can hope to beat them one day but it will be hard. What we can do is to try new and different solutions that may offer an interesting alternative but software is a big part in the final result and these companies spend a lot of money to be number one in this area.

    If someone is looking for the best camera performance then we're not the best fit for that customer. Our strength lays in the complete package with a very good (but not the best) camera, BIG battery, the best SoC (CPU/GPU), clean UI, something unique and a nice price.

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    Can there be a different mode for simple night mode which accounts for minute shakes and the other mode can be tripod mode( the mode that is currently there). Many other companies have that.

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  • It's the software to account for shake which is a science. It's not something you simply add. We need to either find a 3rd party with the right technology or develop it ourselves.

    If you were to force the software into tripod mode without having it on an actual tripod, then the final result would be worse than if you had it in normal night mode so there's no point with having a selectable tripod mode. It will activate automatically when the phone doesn't move.

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    Night mode shooting from hand while holding breath

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