Zenui need to add customisation in setting like oxygenOS

py443739py443739 Level 1
edited September 2020 in ZenFone 6

Such a boring ui need more improvement they added theme option in rog phone 2 and completely ignored 6z.wow asus.


  • im kinda like the stock experience, but you are right, now i am trying the lawnchair 2 launcher, its almost like the pixel launcher but you can customize it. it is still on beta , but im using it pretty smooth

  • Even stock android has customisation with Android 10 update.I hate 3 rd party application it's sad to see asus is not capable to do this small thing there customers has to insatll 3rd party application for satisfaction.Come on this is mid range phone.i have put some good money into this

  • a third party application can't change the system ui colors or icon shape and it's a BIG job to implement this feature compared to the real value it brings. Sure, it's cool and nice to change colors but if we must choose between improving performance and having more colors, then then choice is easy.

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