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1. Nowadays pubG has started lagging heavily at hard drops in game .

2. If I turn on my screen recorder don't even ask about fps it drops like hell .

3. There was no proper gyroscope optimization until now which u guys said it would be fixed in future updates (thx).

4. Battery is not properly optimised there are too many drain issues which not only me but others are also facing .

I will ask u guys this question frankely what's the meaning of "GAMING PHONE" when it lags like all other phones (op7t, realmex2pro,Samsung S10........).

Is it because it has air triggers which I won't even use (6 finger user) or is it BCUZ of 120 hz display (mine always kept at 90 cuz there is not much difference from 90 hz to 120 hz except for battery drain).

U guys say it has 240 hz touch response which is not even usefull in pubG where there is always DESYNC happening.

U guys worked so much on other accessories instead of working on performance .

I will say this frankely "Apple won't even mention their phones as GAMING PHONES though they give top noch gaming performance in every gaming aspect .

I also heard on YouTube that u guys made a tie with ENTITY GAMING in INDIA . Did u guys see which devices they use " all members use iphone 11 or XR" infact all the competitive members use iphones . Check it 99% of COMPETATIVE players use iphones . Even if Apple won't say it I can easily say it as a GAMING PHONE . Their devices may have low mah battery , no headphone jack but for gamers what matters most is performance .

What I am trying to say is " IS ROG 2 A GAMING PHONE " cuz it has so much problems like an ordinary one plus phone .

Have u guys seen Nubia redmagic 3S it may suck in camera performance but it delivers perfect 60 fps even at hard drops it dosent lagg like Rog 2 does . If u guys won't trust me go check it out .

So what I am trying to say is insted of working on usless things pls work on performance as it is a gaming phone .


as for my final line "I am a big fan of ASUS ROG series cuz I have Rog motherboard and Asus Rog rtx 2060 graphics card " they deliver top noch performance for games ( CS: GO , Battlefield : Hardliners......) but I think u guys are spoiling name of ROG cuz of its normal performance as other devices deliver . Pls consider this.

DONT THINK IT NEGITIVELY but think it with calm mind u will understand it .

Thank You



  • Some people may think this comment NEGITIVELY but before u do that think this " what are gaming phones made for :-

    1. Is it for new things like airtriggers , 240 hz touch response

    2. Is it for delivering best performance without laggs and making full optimization for games .

    For me I would blindly choose option 2 .

    What are ur choices pls choose ur opinions frankely .

  • I'm completely done with them now . We all have tried our best , begged for A10 but there is no response from asus except- it's around the corner . Everybody is frustrated , angry , sad and what not , all of em spoke their heart out - asking fr it , trying to figure it out when will it come by searching on diff platforms and even showing frustration in their posts but yet there is no response which means we as customers are not being valued at all . I agree Rog 2 is a beast phone and may have complications but inst it companies responsibility to take care of the customer rather than giving excuses ,we paid for it right? I'm sure about this that still there will be no affect even after soo much cribbing for A10 . Completely disappointed with after service #no value for customers.

    This goes for pubg as well brother, getting A10 is not only because of features but in hope to improve performance and yes I can feel you brother when I bought this phone everything was working butter smooth but now it has started lagging like middle end phones haha maybe one plus is better sometimes . This use to bea beast bro , for now do hot drops , lots of rendering , 1-2 second delay etc and die that's it . I never expected this from rog phone 2 atleast , earlier in my S10plus which worked quite good didn't made me angry about the game as mch Rog 2 does . Dude it's a gaming phone , asus just made the best smartphone ever but after winning several awards , you just can not simply forget about customer services/support else there is no time that this beast phone ( which has already ) will end up a middle segment model and wondering about gaming experience will just make us upset on purchasing this phone #fr gaming.

  • Option 2 obviously man , what is the use of 120 Hz when it can not even handle a 60 fps game ? Ok it's not all the phone but game is equally responsible for it . Blaming game is not what I can choose as there are no monthly updates to keep the performance stable atleast (tho expect better performance but expecting stable is enough at this point of time) .Sagar I use to be the king of all as landing anywhere was easy for me and moving fast because of no lags made me win the first fight (most crucial) always. Haha now I'm just left like other - ohh fuck my game got stuck , oh no it is lagging a lot , ohh shit I can not pick a gun , wait wait my game is 1-2 second behind as I can not use it in a go (fire 1 secnd delay) and so on just like other user . When someone asks me about my phone , I use to be proud but now ashamed , despite having a gaming phone acting just like a non gaming phone user . I personally like to switch to diff companies , models , os etc. I used samsung for 3 years s7edge, s9+,S10+ . Was really bored with em and saw this beast and opt for it even after ordering one plus 7t . My next option would have been iphone then but i dnt want to say that this is a bad choice in between (as I bought this for something diff) but what I'm experiencing here is completely diff ??. This phone can not be compared with any of the smartphones out there but after support is very imp. Asus please fix it , we've paid , cried etc now dnt let us regret on our decisions for getting rog 2 . Sagar I hope things will get better in next update , untill then run the game direct without launching it from the armory crate , aslo start using the option speed up which comes when u swipe from left (where brightness call alert etc are ) . Also try to keep graphics on smooth and extreme and classic , it may help you brother , also sometimes shift it to 120hz resolves it sometimes not always . I personally use 90 hz btw , these things may help you brother but I'm glad that for a gaming phone too we have to figure out options ,rather compromise haha . Best of luck dude , if everything gets fine will be pushin to conqueror next season . Enemies Ahead! Let's go

  • Ya i agree updates will help in improving the performance of overall phone but these guys aren't even providing proper updates .

    Lol still at OCTOBER security patch are u guys kidding me .

    If this is the case of the phone I am gonna switch to IQOO 3 which is launching tomorrow except it dosent have 120 hz display which is useless anyway cuz there not much difference between 90 hz and 120 hz or even maybe Realme x50 pro which launched today . Atleast they provide frequent updates to keep the performance same as before .

    It was good time having this phone ( caused me so much problems) I am not gonna to buy any Asus phone ever again . The experiment of me shifting from Oxygen os to rog failed . ( No proper updates lol still in October patch and even performance is degrading not even one plus 7t phone degrades this much in performance ) well it's happening cuz u guys aren't providing with proper updates .

    Guess I will have to stick with one plus 8 pro when it gets released cuz if it's " After service experience"

    But I will give good comments to Anders_ASUS and LP_ASUS for constantly being active and replying . Idk abot other mods but u guys are best in here . Thx for all ur answers . I am done with Rog phone family .

  • Its interesting to see the developers watching this thread but seemingly no one wants to get their hands dirty....

  • I will also agree with the lag and very unexpectedly mundane performance of the ROG 2. Also, i will go on to say that my experience with the ROG phone 1 was tremendous. it was a value for money proposition even when i bought the phone at 70K INR. this one i bought for 38K INR and i still feel i did a big mistake.

    Also, I am almost bankrupt now so no question of buying a new phone. stuck with this sloppy phone.

  • I am tired of this phone . I will wait for some days to get reviews about IQOO 3 . I don't want the same experience as the Rog 2 software in that as it's a new brand without any updates . Anyway I have a budget of 40000 inr which is enough to buy IQOO 3 which price starts from less than 35000 inr . But there will also be exchange offers available to exchange my Rog 2 .

    This time I won't do the same mistake I did when I brought Rog 2 phone about their worst software updates .

    This time I will fully research about the phone and buy it .

  • Haha there is no need for reasearch or about knowing the specs of one , please make sure that they have good after sale services ?? . Atleast with regular updates your phone performance may get enhanced

  • That is what I mean by researching ( to check about their monthly updates plan). ? Its not about hardware its about software updates :).

  • I agree IQOO is new brand and cannot be trusted till it completed one year cycle . But whenever I die in game bcuz of lagg , deshnc or cuz of gyro problem I get so frustrated that I think to sell this phone instently .

    I changed my thoughts I will wait a little longer till one plus 8 series launch at March or April and buy them insted of trying new brands cuz it's give best updates at perfect announced time and their after sales experience is best one there is .

    I really am a biggest fan of Oxygen OS . Nothing is comparable to oxygen os except IOS

  • I 'll too probably shift to one plus , atleast there will be regular software updates ??

  • Check out Iqoo 3 too. Launched just now. Also has Air Triggers.

  • Trust me don't try new brands trust me it will become worst experience .

    Rog 2 air triggers are better than that( but sad i had already mastered 6 finger claw on my Op6t no use of air triggers for me ??‍♂️)

  • Yes game is unplayable with screen recorder...this is bullshit...fps goes 20-40, and freezes ...even mid range Nokia performs well at 30 fps...this phone is trash...they don't give fix anything..

  • I just died 5 times in a row hot dropping..thanks to lag..when I turn off screen recorder lag is gone...just fix it already..I wanna record my gameplay but it's one thing stop calling it gaming phone..I sud have taken iPhone xr now I don't have money...this phone is big mistake .

  • Ya idk how iphone does so much optimization they run games smoothly and has best gyro optimization also for games ( pitch accurate ) and yet Apple won't even talk big about its gaming experience .

    But on the other hand these gaming phones are having laggs even more than a normal phone .

    If this is the performance can we call it a gaming phone ??

    Dear mods instead of working on accessories and useless things work on delivering best experience for games Cuz for a gamer performance matters above anything else .

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    I don't know if you guys noticed, when screen recording is on, control sensitivity gets bit weird, especially Camera FOV. Gets back to normal right after stopping recording. Noticed in CODM.

    Kinda feels like it was set to high or something.

  • Accessories are rarely used , but improving device performance is important for majority of the people . Yes iPhone is fucking crazy , no lags , no frame drops , no matter what refresh rate they provide in their devices extremely fast and smooth .

  • Ya I was ready to buy iphone XR which was around 53,000 INR but and second option was one plus 7t pro . I didn't even know anything about Rog 2 until I saw you tube .

    You tubers told Rog 2 has best Antutu score , 120 hz display , no lags , 240 hz touch sampling ...... and so on

    What do they matter when there is no proper performance optimization for games .

    Atleast they should think about performance and delivering smooth experience before releasing Rog 3 and also think abou updating frequently.

    From the looks of rog 2 users I can tell u that rog 3 users will significantly decrease if this is the after sales experience ( there are no proper updates which is more essential to gaming phone than any other).

  • Rog 2 is fucked up I can't able to play pubg it is lagging too much what's wrong with asus .

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