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Hello, I bought the Rog Phone 2 a few months ago in Sweden the 12/512 gb international version and it has a glass/plastic backplate which I dont like, especially on a expensive phone like rog phone 2, think aluminium or other type metal feels more solid and luxurious. My question is: Is there a version out there with a metal/aluminium backplate/backside? I have searched everywhere but little information on the subject, except one swedish website seller "" with text saying: "Backplate in enduring metal". That text is only on the "Strix edition 128 gb" version, NOT the "elite 512 gb" and "ultimate 1tb" versions. Have the seller wrong information or is there version out there with a metal backplate?

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  • Your phone is glass and aluminum. The video below is for Tencent version but the used materials are the same. There's no plastic on the backside even though you might think that it feels like plastic

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    The 12/512 phone looks and feels like glass and aluminium. If the back would be plastic it would imitate glass so well to fool my eyes and fingers. Actually when I took it out I was positively surprised how premium it looks and feels, as different YouTube videos emphasize the rainbow colours on the lines on the back too much. In reality it's very discrete and business-like, which matters to me a lot. Much more discrete than many competitive phones with mirror like back sides and rainbow colours. Copper inserts on the front speakers are a nice touch to a black frame and glass, as they are not shiny and are very thin. And the aura light on the back is not invasive. It's a matter of personal taste but I believe if something looks like a quality product it's objective, not subjective. So from my side kudos to design team.

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