Need complete new stock rom.

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Hello, I have been using Rog 2 for 2 months. I loved the performance of the phone cause it is a beast. But when it comes to the UI it is just boring and latest updates it just lacks. Every new android phone got their official android 10 and we are still using a beta rom with bugs. I know the Rom is heavily themed so it need more time.

But many users don't need this heavy themed Extension Rom, we just need a user friendly Rom (simple rom). Please make a simple Stock Rom with a simple UI. The UI of the current extension Rom is so boring.

So please take this as a request and give us a solution.


  • I some-how doubt the "themes" is what makes this update take so long.

    The Android system is heavily modified to allow us to alter the performance of the phone.

  • The theme has very little to do with the delay. Hardware wise this is one of the most unique phones on the market. I'm not only talking about the phone itself but all the accessories that needs to work with it.

    But don't worry, we're basically finalizing the Android 10 roll out at the moment. Just ironing out those last bugs to make it nice and shiny for its launch ;)

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