New Update .129

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Just got it here in Chicago downloading now


  • I was wondering why double tap wasnt working allthe time and now theres an update, weird lol

  • Got that update even in India.

  • Me too (From France) always Jan 5th security patch...

  • Seems like the earpiece and Bluetooth bugs have been fixed I made a couple test calls and both calls when they were answered came through the earpiece instead of the bottom speaker

    Haven't had any Bluetooth problems yet. On the last update audio would cut out when a phone call or rand notification came through and would still show as it's playing on Spotify iheart Radio and other apps until u adjusted the ringtone volume in sound settings....haven't had this happen yet have to give it another day to see for sure for both fixes tho

  • Yeah Bluetooth problems have been fixed i think and the loudness also somewhat increased through wired headphones and the sound quality seems to be good than before?

  • Any improvements in camera side??

  • they fixed the choppiness when starting to record 4k-60fps video.

  • Now downloaded - Czech Republic.

  • Did they solve the problem of listening to headphones on the FM radio?

  • What about Google pay?

  • OK. My opinion may not be valuable or practical enough to make a separate thread so I'll share it here: There were more changes to the way LMK behaves. It's not bugged/memory leaking kernel but in my 8GB version I was able to allocate only 4GB per process freely and up to 5GB in total. So, additional 3GB are unusable to a single app and it's reserved for system resources, services and daemons. In previous update I was able to allocate about 700MB more and on android 9 (.194) up to 6.7GB. This problem is only theoretical as there's no app that uses such amount but anyway, it's something to notice.

  • Google pay works with this update: checked today.

  • For me too, checked yesterday.

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