Major issue in 5z after 107.36 version

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1) Apps are not getting updated from play store .

I tried resent app preference and cleared cache of playstore.

This problem is happening from the latest update which is rolled back .

Pls give me solution for this because I can't download or update my app.

I tried in safe mode also and it's not updating . I have uploaded a video.

Share it was getting updated,I cancelled it. Then I updated Google chrome and it was not updating. After this I am not able to update share it . Sometimes some app I am able to update them but many times it doesn't work. And after trying to update Google chrome no other app also gets updated . As limit is 50 mb I can't show u all things , but from this video u will get an idea of what I am saying.

Pls release a new update asap.

2) battery is draining a lot. This issue is from Android 10 update. Only 4 hours of sot I am getting without playing any game. Only using YouTube and WhatsApp and net connection. Previously I used to get atleast 6 hour sot on this type of ussage.

3) adaptive brightness

I don't know why but at night its level is not set to 0 (complete darkness)

It's approx 25 percent brightness level. I have to manually change it all the time .

4) System gets hanged .

IT Happened 2 times , fingerprint stopped working and I was not able to use the phone . After some 3 minutes it got rebook automatically and then it was working fine.

Pls release an update asap and the first 2 issue are very irritating.

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Pls solve all the issues in 5z because I think there are only few updates left for 5z.


  • 1) didn't face this, try updating your playstore version. so far i faced slow downlod for only one app that is webview and that too twice.,

    2) battery drain has reduced a lot since 98 update. i squeeze out atleast 6 houts screen and 28 hours worth standby (No gaming) and yeah if you have greenify or accubattery installed, please dump it cause it drains battery. Restrict background battery usage for most apps except clock, alarm and your social media apps. DUmp snapchat, insta and FB app cause they eat uo huge battery if possible use lite versions. same goes for Amazon shopping app, use web version instead.

    3)You need to 'teach' your ambient sensors your usage patterns, Remember the whole AI machine learning feature. Use your phone in max brightness outdoors and minimum lit outdoors for considerable time (4-5 hours) also manually adjust the brightness to max and minimum for few times. and your problem will be solved.

    4) System is NOT hanging at all. You need to perform a factory reset it seems.

    Hope i helped. :)

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