ROG PHONE 2 AURA LİGHTİNG WORK NOTHİNH BLUE LİGHT The lights are only lit red yellow and green

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Please help me why blue light is not on

blue light does not work please help


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    Go to Armoury Crate Console, lightning advanced settings, customize and select different colours for different apps. For example I have blue for Facebook or Outlook. The front led is also blinking blue for those apps. This way you can check if it's hardware or software issue.

  • His 1st vid show that he picked blue and the light showed green

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    Yes it does. What I proposed is to check if the blue would work through another settings, which is notifications. There you can customize colour for each app and the system will by default select the colour which is the same as the colour of the icon of given app. Facebook and Outlook have blue icons. So the system proposes blue light for notifications. Thus he can see if his problem is only within synchronization settings or elsewhere as well.

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