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I have the the ROG II 128gb with the 12gb ram. I keep having intermittent connection Issues. I notice it a lot with Facebook. I'll be watching a video and it'll randomly stop and start buffering. Sometimes it'll pick back up but most of the time it'll just spin. I also notice it in games like Dragonball legends for example. I'll get a super long load screen and the connection will time out every screen. I run speed tests via Google and my connection speeds are 100+ down and 10+ up... This is really annoying and makes me want to go back to my S10 Plus. Anyone else having this issue or have suggestions to fix? I've tried some troubleshooting but I'm open to anything at this point. Thanks.


  • Does rog 2 come with 12/128 gb spec

    Anyway try removing sim from simtrey and reinsert it and restart the phone

    U can also try to make some changes in APN settings which may help.

    Whenever u login into the game on/off aeroplane mode to get more constant connection while GAMING.

  • We don't have a 12/128 gb phone so I must ask what you have. Does it say tencent on the back or Republic of Gamers?

    Can you see in the statusbar if there's a signal drop when this happens and how often does it happen?

    One thing you can try that will probably not help (but you never know) is that you can go to system settings -> system -> restore options -> reset BT, mobile and wifi

  • Sorry, it's the 512gb and it's not the tencent. But the issue seems to be on wifi only, can't fully confirm that because it's only been since last night, but I've been using mobile data and haven't had the same issues. I reset the BT and wifi last night and I turned off the scanning. That didn't change anything. Maybe this phone doesn't like my wifi. I tried switching to a 5g instead of 2.4 but for some reason it won't let me with this phone. Maybe I'm doing it wrong. This happens almost every time I'm using Facebook or playing DB legends. I'm watching it in the status bar as we speak and it constantly drops to 0 B/s and hangs there. Then it'll bounce from 100 - 300+ for a second and back to 0.

  • It's kind of doing the same thing on mobile data.

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