now its safe to buy zenfone 6z or the hardware issue is still present..?

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em planning to buy this phone...but bit scared from hardware crashed issues..what should i do..??


  • Go for OnePlus phone brother, Trust me

  • KamilKamil Level 2
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    Nah boy go for asus

    trust none

    Op 7t have a better camera but not much better and slightly better system i mean more polish one.

    Asus have headphone jack(24 bit dac), notification led, cool flip camera, dual sim and sd card slot,bigger battery, LCD but the flawless screen and on performance lvl dude it is 855 without plus and only ufs 2.1 but look on my antutu on andorid 10. IDK how but it is fast.

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    I bought my Zenphone 6 (6z, India version) 3 weeks back. Went to long family holiday next day just after unboxing and initial setup. GPS all day, used it as my primary camera for video, photos and SloMo. Never have to use power bank.

    Phone checked up every point a flagship expected to be with the massive battery and great camera.

    1. No issue with hardware or software so far.
    2. Little talked about dtsX with lots of headphone profile and customization,  HiRes audio support with included HiRes earphone. I thought the included headphone is those shitty Nokia/Samsung one. But it's actually very good. I watched one episode of Mandalorian and blown away the sound effects. 
    3.  UI is clean and simple. 
    4.  Good camera, massive battery and battery management. Notice the Dual VoLTE sim. Lots of streaming and internet. 10 Hours of SOT is really good. It's like no matter if you use phone all day long, battery will keep going for 24 hours for sure.

    No So good:

    1. 48mp is resolution pics are bad. Always kept at 9mp or 12mp
  • Yes, it is and was, nothing to worry about any hardware or software problem!!!

  • I am sorry that i recommended you Asus if you expect from phone multitasking, support, stable system or just fast reliable service repairs just stay away from Asus. I completely change my mind :D over these 12 days of using this phone and reding/writing on this forum. ?

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