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Little bug in clock alarm when it start and i want to disable it by swipe left and right are opposite i think it because my language is on Hebrew


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    Can you show us a picture of what this looks like? I'm scared if I set the phone to Hebrew I'll never be able to navigate the menu back to English. ;)

  • When i slide left its ignore (דחה) but its makes snooze

  • Thank you! I reported this to the software team for a fix.

  • Just update to 2001.121 still not fixed.

  • The UI has been flipped because Hebrew is a right to left language, you can see the Chinese version is a mirror image.

    But I want to verify, on the left is the word for "Alarm off/ignore" and on the right is the word for "Snooze"? And when you swipe them, the functions are flipped?

    On my phone with English, "Snooze" is on the left and "Alarm off/ignore" is on the right. Did we flip the lettering correctly without flipping the function?

  • Ignore(blue color) is on the left and snooze (orange) is on the right and the functions are flipped yes.

  • Exactly you flip the lettering but didn't flipping the functions

  • Thank you! I'll pass this back to the software team. I think they were confused because they don't read Hebrew either.

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    Thanks I'm happy to help fix bugs for all RTL users :)

  • Update to .129 not fix

  • Just update to .133 alarm is fix ty :)

  • I was just about to check! Thanks for the feedback. ;)

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