Share your Armoury Crate overclock, battery optimization & key mapping HERE!

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It's possible to save your Scenario Profile settings in Armoury Crate as files in case you ever need to reset your device.

This possibility is also perfect for sharing your favorite settings with others. Maybe you have found the perfect overclocking setting or a way to save 20% battery life without lowering the frame rate. Maybe you consider your key mapping for the Kunai Gamepad or Mobile Desktop Dock to be the best and you want others to try it too.

To share your settings. 1. enter Armoury Crate 2. go to Scenario Profiles 3. press the share button in the top right corner 4. upload the file to your google drive 5. either download the file from your google drive, zip it and upload it here, or just share your google link with permission set to "anyone with the link can view" 6. make sure to include the following information [Game Title] [Included settings] [Comment] Comment what you have done and why others should use your settings.

To import settings. 1. Download the file to your device. It doesn't matter which folder. 2. enter Armoury Crate 3. go to Scenario Profiles 4. press the download button and the profile will be located automatically 5. when you have pressed the downloaded profile you can uncheck the settings you don't want to overwrite.



  • I tried uploading the profile here, but get an error - "The uploaded file did not have an allowed extension".

  • Ok. I have zipped it and uploaded it instead

    PUBG Mobile, includes touch, performance, network, display, audio, air trigger settings which work absolutely fine for me and desktop dock keymapping which is crappy.

  • @Anders_ASUS Thank you for starting this thread. Is there a Asus recommended keymap for the desktop dock? I am surprised it doesn't come out of box for games like pubg or Asus doesn't provide online repository of "Asus made" key mapping profiles, atleast for games like pubg which is what over 60%+ users will use it for.

    Even the local chinese docks (e.g. gamesir - x1, ipega etc.) come with a plug and play option with profile installed.

    I am sure the product developers would have developed some standard profiles for the dock while testing. Haven't they?

  • There's no recommended keymap from ASUS today but if I see that there's an uploaded keymap that all users like, then I could forward that one to our devs and ask them to implement it into Armoury Crate. I could even appoint one of you to be our official keymap expert if I see someone who's really passionate about this :)

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    @Anders_ASUS I will try reworking on the key map to make it more playable this weekend. However, there are a couple of things which the dev team can sort out in future updates:

    1) Provide changing the hotkey for virtual touch cursor/ mouse pointer. Currently it is locked to the middle mouse button which is fairly inconvenient. I would ideally like to have the freedom to change it to Ctrl key for example

    2) The middle mouse button in fact should allow scrolling through menus (example items in the pubg player crate), which does not happen today. Holding left mouse button to touch and drag the menu is cumbersome and results in time loss especially during middle of a fight when you are hunting for ammo/ guns

    3) Game genie: Probably have a hot key to open game genie drawer? Currently you have to click the middle mouse button to enable virtual touch, then drag the pointer down and swipe at the button holding the left mouse button, which is again very inefficient

    4) Recording and virtual touch mouse: Currently the recording feature on desktop dock mode captures everything, including the virtual touch pointer, which unfortunately is very ugly (like a windows 95 pointer - see pic attached), can we A) Change the mouse pointer to something which looks like a regular pointer (like we have gameloop emulator) and B) Exclude pointer touches from being recorded in the game recording feature (similar to the recorder icon/ counter not being recorded).

    I am sure I will have more inputs once I tickle with the device over the weekend.

    As for community building, I do have a 9-6 job, but happy to help during the weekends.

    Thank you for listening.

  • Here is an updated profile for keymapping (PUBGM) which I did over the weekend. Now the player can run without using the separate key for "run" (players might need to tinker around a bit based on your existing pubg own control layout, but runs much better than the previous one I uploaded. However, @Anders_ASUS issues 1-4 from my last post still exist, and I request you to please communicate the same to your developers so that they can help.


  • @Anders_ASUS Does the Key Mappings work with professional dock?? Will it also work if I connect a type-c otg keyboard??

  • Keymapping works with the pro dock same as the desktop dock. Not sure if type c otg keyboard with work though. However, if the intention is gaming, and you are yet to buy a dock, buy the desktop dock. Even though slightly expensive than the pro dock, it comes with more ports, a built in fan to cool your phone, and allows the keyboard/ mouse to be dual connected to the dock as well as your existing pc, so no need to plug in and plug out your keyboard/ mouse everytime you switch from playing on your ROG phone to doing some work on your PC.

  • Anyone that can share a decent setup for the RoG Kunai?

  • There is none that I know of (having spoken to friends who have it). Kunai is a poor investment for FPS games given the latency issue

  • @Anders_ASUS Still awaiting your response on my suggestions above.

    Also, it seems I am the only person who has shared profiles yet.

  • Can anyone share the best settings both in game and on the ROG 2 for Call of duty after the new update released for COD?

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    I always play at max setting

    I don't prefere best setting, I preffer max setting

    6000mah battery and SD 855+ can handle that thing

    And if u play games while ur phone is charging with side port, it will really increase ur battery life. I mean side port adjust the charging rate with raise in temperature. It cares about the battery.

    So, I prefer to play COD mobile with max setting, there is no lag while u play with max setting, bt if u reduce any of that (X-mode, CPU or temperature control), ur gameplay will lag near to enemies.

  • No one else uses desktop dock? I am yet to see any more profiles.

  • Sorry about the late reply. I almost never have time to go through old threads so I missed your replies.

    I like your suggestions and will make sure to forward them to our devs.

  • Thanks. Hopefully we get an update soon. I am still struggling with sensitivity settings.

  • i tried this profile in Kunai gamepad. This profile didnt work for me. still dont know how to use the Moba skills button. can someone guide me how can i play pubg using the kunai gamepad. there are two primary issues.

    1) the player doesnt starts to run as the left analog stick doesnt extends.... Asus has introduced Moba skills but that is not functional and also i would like to know how is Moba skill button different from normal buttons.

    2) the right analog stick is too sensitive... and goes haywire everytime i try to aim.

  • MOBA skills buttons are meant to be used for the perspective control in PUBG in similar games. So you can run in one direction and look in another.

    We're aware about the sensitivity and we're trying to improve but do keep in mind that this game hasn't been made with gamepad support in mind. Even when we find the perfect settings, it's still not going to be as good as with native gamepad support.

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