ROG Phone II Camera Loses Focus

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Can any moderator have a look at the below video. The camera is losing focus when I try to click photo in pro mode with manual focus. It Does work If the object being focused is wide/large.


  • ok, before we look for bugs. Can you please long press your camera icon and then press App info. Go to Storage & cache and clear storage.

    Is it working now?

  • @Anders_ASUS I think I've found the cause: Under certain conditions if the Pre-AF is turned on in Pro Mode and we try to do manual focus then camera ignores the manual focus wheel and give preference to Pre-AF & auto focuses on whatever it thinks should be right i.e object or background. This issue goes away if we turn off Pre-AF. I think R&D team should check why Pre-AF is interfering in manual focus mode instead of auto focus.

    PS: Pref-AF focus is only visible in settings when focus is set to auto.

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    From my experience with the pro mode I can tell the following. In my case the Pre- AF was turned off from the beginning. It's a big difference if one chooses 48 or 12 MP pro mode. In 12 MP mode AF and MF both work fine with no focus miss. Also both Auto and Manual WB are accurate. Shutter speed and Iso work as expected. In 48 mpx mode AF works fine but manual focus is a hit and miss. More miss than hit, although I manage a good shot every now and then. I attribute that to the fact that 48mpx are cramped into a very small sensor. Just touching the shutter button creates a shake strong enough to miss manual focus. To solve it, an optical image stabilization would be necessary. All software tweakings, including electronic image stabilization, are just partial solutions here. Nothing here to blame on the app or developers. Manual focus in general takes high level of skill and many missed photos even on a full frame camera with high mpx count like Nikon D850. There is a reason why high mpx cameras have large sensors, like Hasselblad, and cost a fortune. Manual WB in 48 mpx pro mode also is a miss, while shutter speed and Iso work great.

    To summon up, in pro mode use 12 mpx camera for manual focus and manual WB. Use 48 mpx mode with AF and auto WB. Play with shutter speed and Iso to achieve best results. 48mpx mode with AF and auto WB will give best and sharpest photos with highest detail and low noise. On pair with any so called "flagship" camera phone.

    The reason why there is no focus miss with wide angle camera, from my point of view is the fact it has 13 mpx, not 48.

  • Yeah, this is still an issue. There were two of them related to this issue and our camera team only fixed one of them ?‍♂️

    I'll make them do it right this time and hope the fix will make it into the next FOTA. Sorry about the inconvenience

  • This quick responses of mods like you @Anders_ASUS tempts me to get same like support for 5Z ? 5Z is still a capable n competative device for any flagship ? but 5Z is no where in discussions ? to make it more better we need mods like you @Anders_ASUS ? to always have a ongoing replies and discussions as you guysz are doing it with 6Z n ROG2 thats really an appreciating from your sides? help 5Z n ROG1 these both elder brothers of current generations needs support like it is in this forum ?❤️? @CH_ASUS @LP_ASUS

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