New look of Android 10

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Dear Asus developers,

From the beginning of smartphone era I was using iPhone. My first smartphone was iPhone 2G. And many years I was using apple products. But finally I was disappointed and bored from them just because there was nothing new when you open the menu. Everything looks the same. And I started to look for a Android phone. My friends had Samsung and other Android using phones, but I didn't like them because the way they look when you open the menu and the other staff was awful. And there you are. You where different, you look different and that is I liked about you. And I bought Asus Zenfone 3 ze520kl. Then I recommend you to all my family. Everybody bought an Asus. Your customization options and the way everything look like was great! You were different! That way I like you, that's way I recommend you to everyone. Now I have Asus Zenfone 5z and I received Android 10. I've waiting it for so long, and there it is I already had it ... And there was the big disappointing ?. This awful blue all over the menu, this blue calculator, this blue icon's when you activate them in slide menu ... It looks like a cheap Motorola ...

There is no more animation weather on lock screen. Why? That was one small thing that make you different than other Android phones. Now your new look on this version is disappointing. Please give us more personalization options on colors, to choose different color everything but the blue one. Invert colors are not an option because it looks bad.

Give us more customization. Thank you.


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