Ples asus fix this

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Have some point ples asus development fix this if you can because... We like rog phone 2 but we are expecting more from it ...

1- air trigger color when we use it it's really looking bad when we record the screen so please++, make an option for hiding the color I am sure most of user feel like we dont need the color ... Just make an option allow us to turn it off or on.

2- I get the cooler and I was very happy with it on first day, but then issues with audio starts when I plug my headset on it the sound work very well but if I turn the mic on the headset stop working ... 4 different headphone but I get the same issues ... Please fix this,

3- rog phone 2 controller I am not sure if it's what we expect from it or no but I try it with fortnight (it's okay not that bad) and pubg mobile ( it's really very bad experience for me ) ...

Finally, please if you can make update to fix all of this we will be very happy as user of Asus ...



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