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I dint get latest update yet of 1910.73


  • I believe it's only released for the US version of the Z6. At least in Europe where I live we had to wait a few more days for Android 10 so it's safe to assume that we'll get it like tomorrow or the day after that.

  • No I checked release notes in that all versions released on 25th of November only???

  • I'm checking Asus website and it seems this is an update to who still have P?

    Who already have Q will not get it or i'm getting it wrong?

    *Special notice: This upgrade patch only allows to upgrade from Android P 16.1220.1909.194 version to Android Q. The other firmware version can't use this patch file to upgrade.

  • I went ahead and manually upgraded anyway, from the latest Q. So far so good.

  • I never waited long enough to receive any notification. Just go to their website, download and install manually.

  • How to install manually

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    1. Download the correct firmware file
    2. Place it in the root of the internal storage (just not in a folder)
    3. Reboot the phone - should be noticed by the phone automatically. When I did it it wasn't noticed the first time for some reason, I had to reboot again.
  • A better way to avoid having to reboot to launch the updater is to connect Z6 to your computer via USB, and unplug the USB cable from Z6. This will trigger the updater.

  • FOTA is triggered over time. It wont arrive to all users at once , and is intentionally staggered to not overload our servers but also to slow down any potential unknown issues (meaning we may have time to catch it and suspend).

    As mentioned in the thread you can download the manual file from our website; https://www.asus.com/Phone/ZenFone-6-ZS630KL/HelpDesk_Download/

    Version WW-17.1810.1910.73

    Don't unzip it and place the entire single file in your device root folder.

    Unplug the usb-cable (if you copy it from your PC)

    A triangle will appear in the notification bar informing you that an update file has been found.

    Install and then reboot once finished.

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