DS4 controller not compatible with Android 10

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Please dix the connection problem with DS4 controller,because the Sony remonte play App is compatible and work,but when i attempt to connect DS4 controller by USB,the controller don't work ,and if i connect by bluetooth (with the correct DS4 method), the controller is compatible with Android,but in the remote play App, a popup apair and Say that phone can't use the DS4 controller when the stream is active....so please this bug because it will be a Big feature for this phone!


  • I'll ask someone internally to have a look at this. To see if it works, if it's supposed to work and if we can make it work.


  • DualShock 4 not being compatible with Remote Play App for other devices - we are not sure is a bug or a restriction from SONY.

    As they only mention DS4 + Remote Play app is only supported on Xperia and some other phone.

    DS4 + Android, as a normal controller, does it also not work? (If we first ignore the Remote Play app).

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