Phone performance and bugs after updating to android 10

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I have been using android 10 in my Asus 6z from 3-4 days i found few issues and bugs that I'll mention in points

1. Battery consumption has been increased . My phone battery according to my usage i used to get it for 2 days but after updating to android 10 I'm getting it for a day itself.

2. Camera performance also has been changed but i didn't find it that better when compared to android 9.

3. Sometimes my phone takes a while to unlock but it was quite fast when it was in android 9

4. Phone has become little laggy and sometimes notification bar freezes for 3 seconds after locking and unlocking prevents that

5. Earphone which was provided to me in the box also stopped working after updating to android 10 but bluetooth earphones are working good . Wired earphones are not working when i plug in .

And few small bugs are there regarding phone performance please Asus team fix all these issues very soon . Please fix the issue with a good software update



  • All on your list are normal after an Asus "update". End users are used as their "open" beta testers.

    After a while, there will be so much bugs built up over the many "updates", the phone will become unusable, forcing you to buy a new one.

    Best advice with any Asus phones is not to update if it works fine out of the box. Update and you risk breaking your phone.

  • But this time they promised about this powerful flagship wil b taken care well about future updates in lot of YouTube vedios ?

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    Many users (including myself) didn't have any issues with the update to Android 10. My phone was noticeably better after the upgrade.

    There are specific devices/configuration that may run into issues but that doesn't apply to everyone. The only reason you don't see the benefits of updating is because nobody ever talks about it in forums. If you never run into any issues you wouldn't go to the forums and post about it.

    Anyway, hope you find a solution to the problems on your device soon :)

  • @GFX Not everyone has issues..But I'm facing the issue that is why I'm asking for solution with an software update to fix this issue

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    @Revanth I know and I hope you find a solution. My comment was oriented more towards @wai.hon.leong's comment which I thought was a bit over-dramatic imo.

  • @GTX you don't have any issues after updating to android 10? Like battery , earphone , phone unlocking little late , and phone was bit laggy ? Please tell me if any issues

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    No issues with any of that so far at least. Here's a screenshot of my battery stats today:

  • Yeah, I've found the unlocking isn't as slick as it used to be.

    Shouldn't let the simple action of turning on a phone affect me, but it can be bl00dy frustrating when it doesn't work!

  • The one bug I got is that it takes longer time to unlock the phone with fingerprint, sometimes nothing happens when I put my finger on the reader

  • Camera rotation performance seems to be better but all other things are worse.

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    It happened once i wasn't able to unlock the phone. Fingerprint didn't work at all and it didn't accept the PIN. I tried 4 or 5 times and it said PIN was wrong. Had to force shutdown the phone.

    However the biggest issue i'm having since i upgraded is a stuttering happening in a interval time. I'm not sure if it's every x seconds or random but it happens a lot of time. With a normal usage it's barely noticiable, but on more intensive tasks it's very very noticiable and very annoying. Like i play a game and every x seconds or maybe it's on more "complex" animations the phone starts to stuttering. It almost freezes for a second or two.

    I didn't format the phone after the upgrade, maybe it it turns things better, but it isn't a thing i really like / have time to do right now.

    Anyone else with the same issue?

    Oh and i almost forgot... I'm not sure it this happened before but i'm almost sure it didn't. When taking a photo on a low light environment, the live view drops the fps a lot.

  • Another Chinese Xiomi or One+ fan triggered. Get out of Asus forum.

  • Try with factory resetting the phone that's a lot to ask though. But, it should work.

  • I'm also having issue after Android 10 update, lots of bug and too laggy. And also phone shut down and restart automatically

  • I'm also experiencing performance issues after the Android 10 update. It's fine just after boot but after a day or two turning on the screen, fingerprint unlock and app switching is slow or unresponsive. Lots of stuttering as well.

  • A lot of things happen when updating to a new Android version and there will always be some users that experience weird bug. It's natural to hope that everyone else has the same issue and there's always a good chance that you find a couple of others that reports the same or similar issue.

    We can't possibly test for every combination of settings and apps that are out there. The possible combinations are limitless and this is the case for any manufacturer. I would be surprised if there has ever been an update with any phone where there hasn't been one single user complain about new issues/bugs.

    So for pretty much all these issues, I recommend to do a factory reset. Yes, I know. it's no fun. But it has to be done for those users that experience issues that isn't shared by everyone. This was very common back in the days when Android was an infant. Back then you had to buy a lottery ticket if you didn't have to reset your phone when upgrading to a new android generation

    The slower fingerprint is a Q limitation that we're trying to find a workaround for. I should only happen if you let the screen go to sleep. So either increase your sleep time or set your Screen lock to automatically lock immediately instead of 5 or 15 seconds like most people are using.

  • Same thing is happening to me... it's not like we can keep on restarting the device

  • @Anders_ASUS can we expect any update for this issues?

  • Just today the fingerprint stopped working for me, on the lockscreen it said the fingerprint hardware isn't available, and Asus config updater was constantly crashing, a reboot fixed both though, and this is after a factory data reset keep in mind, it seems the system goes completely unstable after a few days without a restart

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