Worst camera in ROG 2

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After 10days of usage feeling that i bought a wrong device in cAmera quality... Particularly night time snaps very horrible... Feeling that rog 2 have VGA camera.


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    Check this post

    You will see some pretty good pictures can come out of Rog 2. Night mode has a space for improvement though

  • And you're comparing to what?

    ROG Phone II will not win against Pixel or more expensive flagship phones but it's in no way a bad camera. This is my objective opinion based on all reviews and my own comparing with other phones.

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    I would say on the hardware side, apart from optical image stabilization, it beats Pixel, Samsung and equals many others. The "magic" of Pixel and Samsung is in the software now being polished for years. And Asus is the "new player in the game". I like to test cameras on phones and the only ones I got visibly better pictures than on Rog 2 were premium Huawei phones with Leica glass. Those are dedicated camera phones in a way Rog 2 is a gaming phone. Those phones fall behind Rog 2 in other fields. I really don't understand why there is so much criticism on the camera. Thanks to good hardware in Rog 2, which is the most important element to create a good picture, I can get great sharp images without any special craft. Just we need to play around a little with the settings and possibilities of the camera app.

  • Did you try GCam for Rog 2?

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    Yes, GCam gives better results than Asus software, particularly night mode. For me it's not that important as I mostly use manual settings. In manual settings Asus camera app gives best sharpness. Few other camera apps give the same sharpness as Asus. Most of them don't. I also use Manual Camera app, Footej camera app, FV5 app, 1998 cam and 7 or 8 other apps. Filmic pro for video. But photography is my passion. To people that want instant good results I recommend GCam. I downloaded it from XDA developers. I hope it has no malicious software.

  • Omg. Who is buying gaming phone for camera quality ?! Can't get it ?! Overall it's far better camera than other gaming phone. But you can't compare it against other flagships as some of them are only focused on camera.

  • I believe that most of users that are complaining, actually don't know what they're complaining about and the other part of users that do know, are just asking too much. They want the same performance as the top flagship phones.

    Those that don't know, that's comparing our camera to a 5 year old and much cheaper phone have not used the correct setting or, they were unintentionally shaking when taking the picture. During night time it's almost impossible to take good pictures without the hands of a surgeon.

    Here's a good example of a user that made this kind of comparison and then changed his mind after some further testing.


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    You don't do yourself justice here! What is a "top flagship phone"? For me it's Rog 2. When the right mode chosen for the job, it can do amazing photos, like this photo in portrait mode

  • Lols can't compare ROG phone 2 to huawei or the rest but come on you got to admit it is better than the first ROG Phone and it is quite good in its class ? yea ?

  • I installed GCam on my rog2, very interesting, the image is more blur than rog2's original camera app. Don't know why. I thought I could get better image. But I will do more test later.

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    For sharpness stock app is the best. Gcam gives somewhat better night mode.

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