Phone unlocking issue after upgrading to Android 10

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At times there is a massive delay in unlocking the phone either using fingerprint sensor or by any other means. The phone stops responding for sometime and when it finally unlocks, there is a massive lag while using the phone for a while. Anyone else facing this issue?


  • yeah.. same here...there is a lag while unlocking the phone after android 10 update. hope they fix all the bugs soon.

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    Yes, I have the same problem.. it takes so long to unlock sometimes and then there is a lag, it happens like 3-5 times in row and than it's fine for a while

  • The fastest solution is to re-enroll your fingerprints. It worked for me.

  • same issue with mine also

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    Same issue with me also sometimes unlocking is delaying and even phone is laggy sometimes

  • Do you notice any performance improvement if you go to settings -> Security & Lock screen -> click the gear cog next to Screen lock and change the Automatically lock to immediately?

  • I read this thread and wondered why I haven't observed such an issue in my phone...

    Probably because I am using "Automatically lock to immediately" settings in combination with Smart Lock for years.

  • This seems to do the trick. As of now I've not observed any lags while unlocking the phone. Weirdly enough though, I've always kept automatically lock setting to immediately lock after sleep. Don't know how it got changed to 5 seconds after updating.

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    I have lock after 5 seconds with Android 10 and Smart Lock, and I didn't notice any issues with fingerprint unlocking or device performance.

  • I am aslo facing this problem

  • No it is not working , do you provide any other solution

  • @Anders_ASUS Okay, after intensive use I can confirm that this setting didn't the resolve the issue. Unlock lag is still there.

  • Man this phone is lagging to the point that I feel like throwing it away. It's so frustrating. It doesn't even work like a flagship phone anymore. It feels like as if I'm using years old low-end phone.

  • Same feeling,i threw outa phone cause it was lagging and this phone is giving the same vibes....have to restart every 6 hrs or else cant even use to take a pictur or listen to music

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    I don't know why your phones have lag. We can log them and see why.

    The fingerprint issue will be resolved in the update that's currently rolling out

  • The battery issue is real too. Although fingerprint issue got kind of let down to slowness. But battery life home for a toss. That's not pretty pleasant patiently waiting for battery fix updates else Mods please put a tutorial link those who want to rollback to android 9 manually

  • I confirm, the battery flies terribly and in Android 9 was brilliant, do something about it because I'm terribly dissatisfied now, I bought the highest model phone and such a large battery is so weak? Asus shame

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    I have 2 issues. and a question.

    • Where can I clean the Recovery Partition Cache/Dalvik-cache? That option are missing, Other brands, such my old Samsung S8 had that.

    Or is this gone as a part of new (Andy10 Pie)?

    My problems after update into

    1. When having a connected, (trusted) Bluetooth device such as Plantronics M70. As soon I turn off screen. ** Plopp ** "device disconnected".. When screen goes ON.

    Many seconds in delay. "Device connected". I'm afraid loosing a call due to not being able to answer call while pressing answer button on BT device. since device are not connected. AND then more of this Dev-idiocy, (during call it's working.) Then IF screen goes locked or you decide to put phone in pocket. Of course you lock the screen.

    ** Plopp ** the call goes into phone disconnecting during the all you BT device. This is sooooo annoying. Did not do this with A9.

    2. The screen rotate icon, where before on home button bar to the right. And if an App where not rotating you simply could force a rotation.

    Today's update its now gone..

    And even if I have autorotation on. It is not rotating at all.

    Any one know how to solve these 2 bugs?I

    °. •°.

    ✓ I noticed this thread are in wrong model/Branch. Could any admin move this to ASUS ROG2?

    °. •°.

    Thanks in advance // djmakke (Swe)

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    Since the introduction of A/B partitions scheme on Android, dedicated cache partition no longer exists. As for dalvik-cache, update installation is now generally handled by system and as long as you didn't modify it there shouldn't be a reason to wipe that (you can't remove system apps).

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