Call sound issue after Android 10 Update!!!

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After updating to Android 10, I'm unable to listen to the caller's voice (I'm using Asus's stock earphones). For music, video etc. they are working absolutely fine. Have I done something with settings or is there any such bug with the recent update?


  • I have now even tried with another earphone, but still no caller's sound !!

  • For me it is good did u tried to adjust the volume while in call

  • Yes. I did. Unfortunately of no use. The volume graphic does show that earphone is connected.

  • Is there any problem in media playback like in youtube? if not! Then you have to wait for next update i hope so

  • Nope. YouTube, music streaming, other OTTs are working perfect.

    Yeah!!! Hope so, it's fixed soon. Thanks for ur help :)

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    I can't duplicate this behaviour on my phone with the bundled headphones. Interesting question. Are you able to change the sound in audio wizard when your headphones are connected? The reason why I'm asking is because we have this one other user where his phone know the headphones are connected but at the same time, it's like they are not. Because of this, he can't change the EQ in audio wizard

  • My phone has same problem as mentioned above...

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