Temporary/permanent delete.

duy.h.vuduy.h.vu Level 2
edited September 2020 in ROG Phone 2

Is there a way of permanently set the file delete option. For me, I want everything that was delete to go into recycle bin and don't want to do the pop up box for each file.


  • I think that a confirmation box like that for this kind of action is good.

    "Each file" you can select your files even if they are not in the same folder ! The selection is saved !

  • Sorry, no can do. I understand it can be an annoyance but to be honest. It takes max 2 seconds of your life and it's not like you're going to do this several times a day. It's much more important to have a pop up warning or angry users will tell us that they accidently deleted a file, without knowing that it's still available in the recycle bin.

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