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Currently struggling with multiple things I would like to share with you guys and hopefully that with your inputs it might get...better?

  • Running PUBGM with Smooth/Extreme settings GPU and CPU never exceeds 30% of usage
  • in-Game barely maintaining 60 frames dropping way often.
  • 45 C degree Should I worry ? if not, what is too much/hot degrees to avoid
  • Can someone please tell us the optimized settings ? for High performance ( FPS stability )
  • Walk through/Guide for X Mode Hardcore tuning PLEASE!!!
  • Why do people with lower spec phones loads into the game before me ? I got Ipad pro and I ALWAYS load first, Thought i would dominate with Rog2 specs but im not currently.

Any help will be appreciated guys, I'm new to android systems and have zero experience. care to share your thoughts <3


  • Actually the PUBGM itself is a very buggy and shitty game specially for Android users.

    Like PUGM and COD mobile both have almost same devs but COD gives constant 60fps even in $200 Android phone but PUBGM is extreme level shit that even SD855+ barely maintains constant 60fps.

    This is the optimisation difference between COD mobile and PUBG mobile.

  • I honestly don't know why you don't have stable performance. I've always had 60fps when I play playing with HDR settings.

    A X Mode Hardcore Tuning guide is on my list. It's also possible to share settings which I want to highlight with such a guide.

    45C is high but not uncommon or bad for your phone. It can reach much higher and the CPU will throttle before you hit any critical level.

    Most games rely on the GPU so it's actually possible to underclock your hardware. It's possible to achieve lower temps and longer battery life without going below 60fps.

    We have made these settings so that there's no risk of damaging your hardware. Don't be afraid of playing around with it. It's perfectly safe.

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    People in India using Airtel network with lower hardware specs are entering the match much faster. I use Jio in my ROG2 but my friend is using 845 chip oneplus phone (not a flag ship ) with Airtel network always showing him first in the match. I guess, Airtel DNS/Network is faster than Jio especially for PUBG

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    Depends upon zone I leave in Mumbai on Jio network whenever I drop in to any PUBG or COD team play my partner players complain about there game getting lagged (they experience high ping) while on my rog2 I see 60ms constant low ping never experienced any lag.

  • Have u played codm battle royale? It lags like hell... Don't compare TDM to has 100 players and bigger map do obviously it will lag more...and pubgm only lags in crown + tiers so devs don't know about it coz they test in bronze with bots

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    CODM BR is utter shit. Even worst optimisation than PUBGM. I'm saying that Devs can optimise Rendering but they're not doing because if everything will work perfectly fine then why anyone will purchase a new phone.

    We have to manage with what we have.

  • Hello

    Why do people with lower spec phones loads into the PUBGM game before me ?

    Same wifi and same place we are playing.

    During voice call normal mode the caller can't hear me properly when i switched to speaker and return to normal it work some time i think its software issue..

    When Android 10 launching..

  • can you share the link of your X modee hard core tuning guide? @Anders_ASUS ?

  • BS2 has the lowest Temp playing pubgm or is it the nubia?. I have almost stable 60 FPS in game though it can still change. playing on HDR drains your battery. On HD or HDR temp is likee 45+. on smooth extreme 42-43. I have experimented and unlock 90 FPS there is a guidee on youtube and ROG2 will last from 80-30 about less than 2 hours...There really is high temp playing games on ROG2. Maybe because of the copper plate heat sink.. Do you have aero cooler installed? if not you need to have it to make the FPS stable. you just need to insert it one time

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    I haven't created it yet. It's on my to do list but there's so much to do before I can start writing it ?

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  • You solved your issue or do you need help

    (Running 59-60fps with zero fps drops 2hr continuous gameplay 38-39°max temp)

  • Why does people even care at who entered in the game faster... But to give an answer, if phone works like PC (and i'm pretty sure it is) it will mostly depend of your HDD speed and internet speed so.. yea it is possible that other phone have a faster HDD than our big one. But don't worry, the game isn't starting without you !

  • I neer help. Hqve the same problem. Check the frame drops in the attached video. This is just a classic match imagine what is happening during competitive

  • Do this first and tell me the result. Keep in mind You have to change all 3 settings x mode, ultimate CPU, and temp control

    If this does not work or if you have already done this then I'll give you profile settings.

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