ROG Phone 1 .... abandoned .... should expect the same for ROG 2

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I know this is the wrong forum, but your entire user base of your first phone feels abandoned. First you said Q3, then you said end of October. We are still running a 2 year old OS on a phone that cost us 900+ USD. What gives? What the hell are you doing , ASUS ? Customer loyalty and support can go to hell, this is what your attitude tells us. Absolutely horrendous 'flagship' experience.

NEVER again. Hell, Im staying away from your computer stuff too.




  • As a ROG Phone 2 user, I feel we will be treated same when ROG phone 3 releases. Is there a dedicated team to handle ROG updates? Or its just Zenfone's team work on ROG during their leisure?

  • Bruh, I wouldnt rule that out. They have been playing us like a bunch of idiots for a year now. I would jump ship while your phone is still worth something. Get rid of it and get something like a one plus 7T or pixel 4. Heck , even Razer phone 2 will do. These guys absolutely do not care.

  • As I see that they are with the updates and the lot of problems that rog 2 has and asus said nothing about it, be sure that rog2 will happen exactly the same will stay on android 10 .. Asus as a manufacturer of laptops and PC parts and accessories are quite good but for phones they are disgusting

  • The ROG Phone is still running android 8.1 since release and it should be updated to 9.0 since January when the Benchmark was leaked but. They just throw us away like garbage and i've you look at the updates they released you will notices its not even premium flagship grade. This was already before the ROG phone 2 release so that why we are al mad at Asus for not providing is a Flagship Experience but a crappy Buggy phone. For today the same bugs are still in the ROM since its was released.

  • I personally was waiting for the Razer 3 however that doesn't appear to be happening so I got this phone. While it's beautiful, it's buggy AF / no VoLTE or wifi calling. Going to try and return mine with Amazon

  • I understand no VoLTE, but what are the bugs you are talking about? I absolutely loved the software and ofcourse I am selling the phone because of no VoLTE...

  • my phone has frequent app crashes and wifi just stops working randomly, I have to switch it off and on again to make it work. Also, recently my cameras stopped working, and the phone wouldn't let my PC read its memory. I put up an RMA request (here in China, with just awful chinese language skills) but anyway, they took 2 weeks and fixed it under warranty. I dont give ASUS credit for it, I have a friend who works at their Shanghai office, she expedited it for me.

    Anyway, its the last day of October, and we are already hearing that the mods will announce that its been delayed to end of November. LOL. Such garbage

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    Guys, I feel your pain.... Same issue I have had in the past with Huawei and LG phones. I'll never buy another one of those as a result

    IMO, if you have bad feelings now, never touch another ROG phone, buy a OnePlus - but even with them, the older handsets like OP5 and 6, they take a very long time to get updates now - if at all - so most manufacturers are the same IMO...

    Asus fill a niche with the ROG series, but with not as good support as some other manufacturers, but all I can say is that my experience so far has been good. I bought the Nth American handset and its been amazing. Regardless of whether it gets stuck on Android 9, or even 10, I'm happy with my purchase as I tend to update/change handsets a few times every year anyways.

    I think those saying go Razer, they're no better. They left the market temporarily (waiting for 5G to be mainstream) and the original Razer has only just been updated to Android 9 - and its not without their bugs (game booster).. Nubia and Xiaomi gaming handsets are no better.

    I think it's tough to decide what to get. For me if Oneplus released a gaming phone I'd be all over it. While I'm not making excuses for Asus, for me, the ROG 2 experience so far has been bloody awesome ?️

  • I agree with you, but a company like ASUS should not be trying to deceive customers. If its not gonna come, just say so and give reasons. They keep feeding us one lie after another. Unacceptable. I've already spread this in my uni here in China, i'll keep doing it. Word about tech really spreads like wildfire in this country.


  • Agreed, if ASUS just wants to give us the finger, as customers we can do the same. Hopefully the Razer 3 once 5G matures (supposedly) comes out. At least they will support VoLTE and Wifi calling ???

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    There won't be a New Razer Phone The Razer 2 is the last one.... You can always buy A Xiaomi Blackshark Pro 2 that running almost stock Android. And by notice Xiaomi is for a Big company with many phones and still provide fast updates to al there phones still make no sense to Asus.

  • I just don't care if my phone has old OS. I jus want it to be bugs free and stable. Which Asus failed to provide so far.! My old device was LG V30+, which never got any update on time but gotta say it was excellent without any issues. LG's 3300 mAh battery used to give me 6hrs of SOT while ROG phone 2 with 6000mAh gives 8-9 hrs.

  • I share the same feeling. I upgraded from rog phone 1 mainly for battery life which so far has delivered. But a part of me hopes we continue to get updates so the phone has a couple of years of future proofing mainly so that it gets apps which will have like a minimum OS requirement.

  • rog 2 will never see android 10 , if you want android 10 you will have to wait to buy the rog 3 phone , asus rog 2 is already dead as asus now have all resources on the rog 3 phone sorry but that's how it is I don't expect to see android pie on rog 1 and I never expect to see a security update again just every month I expect to see is we have delayed the update due to we forgot to start working on it or our dog ate it

  • This is incorrect. The ROG Phone II is on track to receive Android 10 shortly.

  • Android Pie is coming soon to the ROG Phone. We have seen delays and would've preferred to have it available earlier, but it is on the way.

  • same as the rog phone 1 was due to receive pie shortly after release ??? any news on that ?

  • sorry you must understand my frustration with multiple delays , no updates till the release date has passed and even security patches months and months late

  • Not asking exact ETA, but is it expected in Q1 2020 or by end of 2019?

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