Bluetooth is getting turned on automatically and loosing networks and wifi connectivity

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Bluetooth is getting turned on automatically also i am facing weird problem that i loose both the network at the same time also loose WiFi connectivity at tye same time for a second and again it gets connected...Happened 5-6 times in last 2-3 days

Even tried changing battery saver settings and all

Please help


  • May I have help here please ?

  • Please back up your data and factory reset your phone. Was bluetooth and wireless connectivity working when you first started using the device?

  • My sim(weather turn mobile data on/off) and wifi always turn off for around 3seconds then it automatically turn on again by itself every X (not sure) minute. So in order to keep my wifi stable while i am playing game, i forced to use airplane mode to block my sim connection. So my wifi won't forced to restart.

  • Yes i am facing the same issue. I am from India and i had bought this device from flipkart. My device is working fine. But i noticed there is one problem with the phone and it had happened many times that it automatically reset its network. 

    Like it automatically turns off wifi ,both sim signal for 2-3 sec and turn it back on again. This happens once or twice in a day at any period of time. 

    Please help me out if anyone finds the solution. Or people having the same problem.

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    Tried doing factory reset but still facing same issue

    No bluetooth was not connected at that time

    If wifi is connected then wifi also gets disconnect along with sim networks and again gets connected within a second

    If wifi is not connected then only networks drops to zero for both the simcards and recovers within a second

  • Yes thats what i am suffering from bhoopesh.bhole sir. What are you planning to do next??

    If you find any solution please contact me my email: [email protected]

  • I think its something wrong with asus motherboard.

  • Hi, I was facing the same issue with my device as well. This occurs due to the location scanning that uses bluetooth and WiFi. Follow the below steps:

    1. Open Settings
    2. Tap Security & location
    3. Under Privacy, Tap Location
    4. Tap Advanced
    5. Tap Scanning
    6. Uncheck Bluetooth scanning and WiFi Scanning.

    The above steps fixed the issue for me. Cheers!

  • Already had that option uncheck when i received the phone. Above method didnt work for me. The problem still persist .

    Btw thank you for the help.

  • Hi, if this is a bug, we need to find out why. Would you mind if we log your phone? What it means is that you need to install an app that logs everything during the time it's installed. Once you have created the log file, it's ok to uninstall the app.

  • This issue occurs only when WiFi and/or Bluetooth Scanning options are enabled under Location settings.

    Just FYI, Never faced such an issue with my previous device with the same options turned on.

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