193_0 Update and overview button function changed?

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Recently got the 193_0 update with security patch. Since then the behavior if the overview button had changed on my unit. When I press it, no apps or windows appear. They are all killed. This makes it complicated and tiresome to work between apps and windows. I want the overview button to function as normal.

Was there a setting changed or a new functionality introduced with the update?

Also, did something happened with battery drain? Looks like my phone is draining way faster (but does not feel warmer).

Lastly, is there a consolidated buglist around where I can see if my issue is already reported?

Thank you


  • My battery also seems to go down faster than before.

  • Update. Overview started working again. No reboot nothing. Wierd.

    Battery still seem to be an issue. Unit is not warm to the touch so I don't know if the drain is factual or just display error?

  • What are you basing your battery drain on? Stats from the phone or less battery left with the same use pattern as before?

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