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    Organize App drawer

    Did you know that you manage the apps in your app drawer just like you can at the home screen? Well you can! All you have to do is to press the three dots in the top right corner and pick manage apps. This will change your view mode to the Customized view where you may group apps and change their order. If you ever want to view your apps in alphabetical order again, all you need is to switch you View mode to All. The Smart group option is another smart feature that will automatically group apps that share the same category for a faster overview.

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    Wireless file transfer

    The easiest way to transfer files to your computer is always using a USB cable but sometimes you may not have one at hand. This is where ASUS “Pc file transfer” feature comes in handy. It’s located in the bottom left corner of ASUS File Manager app and lets you drag and drop files via a virtual file manager using your Wi-Fi. When you click start in Pc file transfer, you will be given an IP number that you input in the address field of your computer's web browser. Both devices have to be on the same network for it to work. If you’re not on Wi-Fi, then you can create a direct connection by using your phone as a hotspot. EDIT: Only works with Chrome, Firefox, Edge & Internet Explorer.

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    Smart Volume

    Adjust the volume of ringtone and video playback based on the ambient noise level in your surrounding. You can find this feature in Settings -> Sounds & vibration -> Smart Volume. Press on the text to specify when you want to use this feature.

  • Private listening

    Do you like using Google Assistant but maybe not so much in public? With Private listening which you can find in Settings -> Advanced, you can hold your phone to your ear like in a normal call and all the sound will come through the earpiece.

  • Twin Apps

    This handy feature located in Settings -> Advanced, lets you run two instances of the same app with support for most standard messaging apps like Facebook, Messenger, Instagram, LINE, WhatsApp, Telegram, Twitter and Viber. Very useful if you use a different account for work and you don’t need to switch between users since both apps will work simultaneously. If one account if more confidential, you easily lock it using AppLock.

  • Gestures

    There are custom gestures for easier navigation in ZenFone 6 that are not standard in Android. Some of these gestures are always active, such as swiping down anywhere (not only from the top) on the homescreen to access the notification overview. Then there are optional custom gestures that will let you access a lot of cool features. To find them, go to Settings -> Advanced -> Gestures. Here are 13 useful features & gestures that can make your day easier.

    Do have in mind though that some of these features will have a small impact on your battery life as they keep some sensors active even when the screen is off.

    The list of features that are available is 1. Lift your phone to wake it up 2. Pull down on the fingerprint reader to see the notification overview 3. Face your phone down on a table to mute a call 4. Answer calls by lifting the phone to your ear 5. Double tap the home screen background or lock screen to turn the display off 6. Double tap the screen to wake the phone 7. Swipe up on the screen to wake it 8-13. You have six predefined letters that can be customized to launch your desired app when drawn on a dark screen.

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    With this feature, you can deny others to get access to pretty much anything while they still have access to the rest of your phone. By going to App drawer -> Preferences -> AppLock, you will find several options to unlock your locked apps but first you need to set a PIN or pattern lock as standard. Exactly how to do this is explained in the link below but the nice thing with this feature is that it uses a different password from the one used to unlock your phone. So it’s a second layer of protection so you can still share your phone with our family without sharing everything.


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    Apps & notifications

    Google LOVES notifications and Android is filled with them, which can be good but also stressful for a lot of people. This is why this tip is more of a reminder that you should manage them.

    The easiest way to manage notifications that you find annoying or unnecessary is to long press them in the notifications overview. This will give you the option to turn them into a "silent" notification, meaning that it will still be visible from the notification overview but without a sound and vibration. If you want a more detailed overview with all notifications settings, simply press the cog icon.

    It’s also a good time investment to visit Settings -> Apps & notifications and look for apps with notifications that you don't need. An app like Facebook will have 19 different kinds of notifications so maybe you don’t need all of them? It’s also good to know that Android will ask if you want to mute a notification for all future whenever you constantly dismiss the same notification. Don’t be afraid to say yes because if you change your mind, it’s very easy to turn it back on in apps & notifications.

    Apps & notifications is also where you control the default app for different functions such as calling, sms, opening links and different file formats. To change the default app for a specific file format, you first have to find the associated app for that format. It will show up in Recently opened apps if you just used it. Press it to enter its app info -> Open by default -> Clear defaults OR go back and Disable if the former doesn’t work. Next time you open the same file again, it will ask you to pick your default app.

    By familiarizing yourself with all these options will definitely lead to less stress and annoyance. 

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    Being to the point of notification ,can we change the notification led to change on based of app as whatsapp notification be green ,mail be blue or any other colour and if ,you have multiple notification of different apps it changing colour or be still. is it available? can we do it .i tried to find the function but i could nt maybe a future update !

  • Good day, i have some problem : my device after update google services lost security certificate.. please help

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    Try clearing play store app data and cache

    That should help I guess

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    Change your icons and fonts

    We wanted a clean ZenUI that reminds you of the stock Android look. This is what most people want but we are also aware that there are those who like a more personalized look and Android is all about making your own choices. This is why we offer the possibility to change your icons and fonts.

    This is how you do it 1. Icons - Open your app drawer, press the three dots in the top right corner and pick Preferences OR long press on the background of your home screen and pick Preferences. Now pick Home screen -> Icon packs -> three dots in the top right corner -> Get more icon packs. Download what you like from Play Store and go back to the Icon packs list to change your icons. 2. Fonts - Go to Settings -> Display -> Font Style. You can pick between three stylish alternatives which we think is more than enough, but for everyone who disagrees, there is the possibility to download more via 3rd party font installer apps like ifont.

    It’s not impossible that a custom font or icon pack can create bugs that no one else has but do keep it in mind.

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    I have an old Bluetooth speaker (I presume this is the reason for my issue) which will not connect automatically with the phone despite being paired.

    I therefore have to manually go into: Settings>Connected devices>Bluetooth in order to connect to the specific speaker.

    How can I create a link on my home screen to take me straight to the Bluetooth paired devices screen so I can avoid going through the other key presses?!

    I tried the suggestion above using the Settings widget but this doesn't offer the connected devices element.

  • Sticking with the point of changing icon and fonts, i think a update in font area ,as when we go to icon packs there is a option to get more icon packs which directly lead to play store giving suggestions of the apps which i think have less bugs, a option giving for font as well which lead to play store will be nice which apps have less bugs

  • I've asked our devs if we can add bluetooth to this list. Until then, the fastest way to access your BT devices is by pulling down the notification overview and longpress the BT icon

  • Improve ZenFone 6 stereo speaker separation

    It is not unusual that a phones main speaker is bigger and much more powerful than the earpiece. This does of course impact the stereo separation unless the earpiece holds the main speaker back in volume output. But there’s something you as a user can do to boost the earpiece. A very simple trick that not everybody will think about. All you have to do is to cup your hand behind the earpiece. This will reflect and beam the sound from that speaker to make it louder. Try it yourself and see what you think.

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    Navigation bar customization

    Maybe you don’t like the button layout of the navigation bar, or maybe you don’t like buttons at all. Choose between a visual or two hidden navigation bars by going to Settings -> Display -> Navigation bar -> Navigation bar types.

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