Asus global worried for 50 usd instead of customer?

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I have purchased zenfone 3 zoom ze553kl Taiwan origin from Chinese online portal a year back.

I am from India bangalore, Asus India is asking to extra payment for service of said, which is on global warranty, it seems Asus India made policy not to service global warranty cellphone but laptop they are willing accept global warranty.

Now I understand the Asus do not want customer to buy global products?


  • Asus only provide local warranty not global warranty on phones.

  • Then why Asus sold the international customer to cheat? Or discourage or you expect me go Taiwan to get warranty service? It's not idiotic?

  • Your ZE553KL can't find the warranty status in Taiwan. Where do you buy from? Purchase time? What happened to the mobile phone now?

  • I brought from banggood China portal online buy.

    I have purchased being in India, banggood did not cautioned me regarding the warranty ? Since it is China site, even Chinese who brought this phone also warranty cheated .? If so why, sales by Asus to international customers? Should have been sold to only Taiwan customers?

    This is systemic cheat by China banggood portal and Asus?

    Please find attached screenshot for warranty details.

  • Hi.. Your there?

  • Wrong section of forum, buddy. Please don't spam. Asus customer's support is working fine, so you can give them this issue.

  • You should look for a service center in the country you are buying. You bought at Banggood, have you tried contacting Banggood?

    Since this forum is exclusive to ZenFone 6, please visit the link below, ASUS Taiwan ZE553KL ZenCare can assist you.

  • Just some friendly advice, having lived in China for 4 years. All foreign phones with a worldwide rom that appear on the Chinese market are NOT for the local market, they are unofficial imports, and even if they have a global warranty local official service centers will refuse to service them due to the sensitivity of the Google ban, since all domestic Chinese official releases don't have it, so they take Google apps being on the phone as proof of rooting etc. Chinese consumer protection laws are very weak in this regard.

  • Then Asus should not sell thier products in China portal, now Asus company reputation is disputed and customer lost trust on Asus company?

    Cell phone was running alright Google play was regularly updated and cell phone is not rooted.

    I am disappointed and cheated by Asus for few dollars?

    The attached screenshots is evidence for product global registration and service warranty is activated? This information cannot be fake?

  • The ZE553KL sold by ASUS in China should be the CN version. The WW version should not be sold in China.

  • Where Asus sell the cell phone, they are enjoying dollars at cost poor needy customers?

    Never ever trust Asus global?

  • The serial number you provided isn't showing up in my system. Contact your reseller and ask them where the unit is supposed to be in warranty. Does you ASUS account indicate what region the unit is zoned for?

  • Please find attached screenshot for above.

  • Apologies, I swapped a 0 for an O and didn't realize it. This phone has a local warranty for Taiwan, you would need to contact ASUS Taiwan for service. This device does not have a global warranty.

  • It isn't Asus selling it, it is Chinese companies buying the phones from overseas and bringing it back into China for grey market resale. Asus can't control this easily, no one can. If you see a WW phone in a Chinese site, Asus has not authorized it and it is at that point resale.

  • Do you expect me to send this phone to Taiwan for LCD panel replacement service?

    Can Asus help customer being in India? At the cost of 50 usd to Asus India or loose the customer for ever.

  • If the ZE553KL replaces the LCD screen panel in Taiwan, it will be NT$4600.

    The actual charges are subject to the quotation after the service center inspection and testing.

  • I am based in India bangalore, Taiwan Asus lucky about my sutuvations?

  • Dude even pixel phones dont have global warrenty thats the reason i couldn't just bring pixel 3a from us to india....please check the warrenty terms....95% manufacturers dont provide service outside the country in which u purchased

  • You have an active warranty in Taiwan for the device. You can contact ASUS India and ask them what their policy is, but I would imagine they would give you the same information I did. The choice on what you want to do regarding repair service would be yours after a conversation with your local repair center.

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