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Why does Asus Zenfone 3 Max ZC520TL not turn on?

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My phone shut down because of drained battery but when I charged it, the LED light is red but the screen doesn't turn on. It vibrated a few times, but now, there is no response even if the phone is connected to a cable. It also showed the empty battery on the display twice, but now, no response at all.

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Hi owenpellosis
Thank you for asking. Several troubleshooting steps below
Please try charging with different chargers and cables. Check if you could still transfer data to PC via USB cable and try to back up data.

If the problem still appears, we would advise that you have the unit sent in for an assessment and servicing where necessary.
The link below will help in finding your local service center:
If it is impossible to access the service center during Covid-19 period, please try Call us: