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Game crash

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ZF Model: ZB570TL
Firmware/APP Version: Android 8.1
Frequency of Occurrence: Always
Rooted: No
APP Name: Minecraft PE

Hi Asus just want to complain about game ctashing.... So basically I installed Minecraft pe from Google play store and it was working fine but after I log into Xbox live it bring me back to home screen immediately...and after that I couldn't even launch the game

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Hi eiansiah57 Good day In order for us to check for you, may I have the following information: To confirm the app you mentioned, please provide me the app versions, and links of the app in Google Play Store. Have you tried to restore the app? (settings > apps & notifications > app info> Minecraft > storage & memory >clear data and cache.) Please help to confirm,thank you:) Thank you!

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Last edited by Selena_ASUS on 2019/6/21 11:46
eiansiah57 posted on 2019/6/14 23:11
Hi eiansiah57 Good day. Thank you for your inquiry Please provide any videos available that would show this matter. I've passed your case over to our team for further check. Did you occur the problem when playing other games? Please help to confitm, thank you:)

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Selena_ASUS posted on 2019/6/21 11:45 Hi eiansiah57 Good day.
Only Minecraft for now other games are fine