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Does the Zenfone max m1 support 4G network?

Star I
I have had my Zenfone ( ASUS_X00PD, ZB555KL) for about a year now. I've used AT&T and have had 3G (which shows as an H+ next the my network strength) and have had no issues with my network, except for problems that affected all AT&T users. But I recently switched to Cricket wireless and have barely been able to use it. It constantly will say "no Sim/no network" and switch from connected to no Sim card. But I have managed to get it to work by switching from trying to use 2G/3G/4G (which would have a 4G next to network strength) to just 2G/3G (which set me back to H+) which works fine.
So does it actually support LTE like it says on the box, or is it only in a specific Sim slot (I normally use the first, but both have had the same issues)?

Rising Star I
Its support 4G