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Touch is not working after March update in Max Pro M2

Star I
When I boughg new Asus Zenfone Max Pro M2 phone there was touch issue.
I requested for return on flipkart but they sent technician and he just reset the phone. Again next day touch problem occurred and technician did the same again. This return and reset process continued 5 times i.e. I put the return request on flipkart 5 times but they didn't approved the return. Meanwhile I got the next Software update on my phone and phone worked till March( When the warranty period expired). But after March update the touch problem started again. It lasted for 2 days and started working automatically. But after around 10 days the same problem occurred again. This time it didn't get resolved automatically. Then I did factory reset, no benefit of this....then I downgraded to WW_Phone_16.2017.1912.072 from WW_Phone_16.2017.1912.092
But no gain...touch is still not working I installed anothet version i.e. Android 10 beta version from official Asus website. Touch still not working.
I decided to downgrade it to the earlier version i.e. WW_Phone_16.2017.1912.072
But it showed error
E3304: This package is for ASUS_X01BD devices. This is X01BD device.
Now I changed the code where it check the Device Model. It is available in Updater script file. And installed the framework WW_Phone_16.2017.1912.072 using TWRP recovery. This time touch started working.
Please tell me what is the exact problem behind this touch issue.
And please fix it in new firmware update and release as soon as possible.

Rising Star II
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