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Relock Bootloader

Good afternoon everyone. I want to ask how to Relockbootloader. First problem i was made my IC EMMC broke because my zenfone full capacity memory,and fail update. So just stuck on logo,trying to flashing recovery it doesn't work. So i change the IC,and work. my zenfone was life again,but when i download firmware for WW 15 165 it was sucessfully when my phone still unlockbootloader,then i download again for WW 16 for update android 8 to 9. Currently my android is 8. So pur the firmware into internal. Restart like same way first update,but the firmware didn't read by the phone. The proble why the first was completed,but the next one is doesn't,it must be Relockbootloader first ?

my phone type Asus Zenfone Max M2

Rising Star II
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