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Is max pro m2 still worthy for next 2 years?

Star I
Is max pro m2 still worthy to use for next two years?
In my country, 5g is not applied yet. Should I keep using mpm2 till 5g signal is ready and get the new 5g phone?
what do you think?

Zen Master I

The android is not updating. I'm stock with Android 8 for more than a year. Don't think about buying this phone. You will regret. Not sure the other units of Asus.

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Why your android is not updating?? I can't believe you are still running on 8.1..!! If you haven't received automatic updates then update the manually by downloading and installing all the firmwares from asus support site and latest firmware version for Asus Max Pro M2 is Android 9 with .073 version which would get Android 10 towards April End or the starting week of May Maximum.

Star I
When we will receive android 10 stable update.