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Honest Review (max pro m1)

Rising Star I

to be very frank, i want to share my experience with today's update

in a nut shell i would it is just a piece of SHIT

Asus is the best in terms of hardware but the worst in software

talking about the update, what they have provided in the description is a long list which fixes the bugs, but i think its just scrap and waste

they haven't fixed a single bug, i bet if u fined any single bug fixed in this update

they say they have given widevine L1, which was not a bug, it was just a feature that have been given and taken down previously alot of times
then they say they fix an issue which causes the image on lockscreen to remain same etc etc, bullshit, that thing is still buggy, when i change image on lockscreen it automatically changes to something else after some time and vice versa
they didn't even fix a simple issue where we have an option to remove the message asking for add email, even though we have already added an email etc etc
camera app still buggy and useless as before
even a small issue like brightness level, they even haven't fixed that, when increasing the brightness bar first 10-15% have no effect, after that brightness starts to increase

and the list goes on and on

so the simple question is what the fuck you have done in these 3 months, not even a single bug is fixed in this and you took 3 months for that, you have just fooled everyone by ur excuses when asked about the update you always said test result don't meet the expectations that's y update is getting delayed, what the fuck you were testing when you haven't even fixed a single bug
you have given the security update thats it


Rising Star I
keep on tracking you will find all the bugs as in beta 1
and you will end up thinking what is the difference between beta 1 and beta 2, and what this asus done in last 3 months