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Bluetooth Tethering not sharing internet connection

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ZF Model: ZB602KL
Firmware/APP Version: Android 8.1 15.2016.1811.338-20181206
Frequency of Occurrence: N/A
Rooted: No
APP Name:

Last edited by arousaman on 2019/1/11 16:27 Got the phone last weekend and updated as soon as powered on. I have been trying all week long to connect to my car (Toyota) using bluetooth tethering. Answering and making phone calls works perfectly. But there is no way to get the internet connection working. I need it for the navigation system, traffic alerts and other apps. Everything worked flawlessly with my old Zenfone 2 Selfie (Marshmallow). I have tried most things in the forums but usb debugging. Please, any help will be greatly appreciated since I need connecting my phone and car! Thanks in advance!

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Hi arousaman, Is your firmware version the latest WW-15.2016.1811.338? Please tell me the model, year of your Toyota vehicle. Could you try bluetooth tethering with other devices and check if it can function normally? Thank you

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Last edited by arousaman on 2019/1/13 23:22
Jei_ASUS posted on 2019/1/11 08:49 Hi arousaman, Is your firmware version the latest WW-15.2016.1811.338?
Hi @Jei_ASUS ! Thank you very much for answering. I have undertaken some extended testing to better describe the issue. I hope the information I gathered will help to solve this undesired effect or find a workaround. First things first: ->
Is your firmware version the latest WW-15.2016.1811.338?
-> Yes, it is: I failed to correctly type the firmware id.
Please tell me the model, year of your Toyota vehicle.
-> 2017 Toyota C-HR -> Onboard multimedia device is Toyota Touch 2 and Go Advanced. System was last updated with autumn 2018 version. Second: -> Have been testing extensively and have identified these aspects: -> When prompted, phone and car will pair and connect correctly but for internet (although option is enabled in both phone and car menu) -> Using car multimedia menu and trying to connect to the internet will result in ''Can't connect to the internet'' message. -> Trying a second time will successfully connect and bridge bluetooth to the internet. -> Connection to the internet will then work but... -> Walking away from the car (leaving it on) for a few minutes and coming back will not succeed in reconnection to the internet. Connection will have to be forced from car multimedia menus as described above. -> Of course, turning off the car will result in complete loss of connection and internet connection will have to be forced again (back to first pic.) Paired devices are kept on the car multimedia list but back to step 1: no internet connection sharing. -> I have also tried connecting using wifi with the same result but have to perform extended testing to see if the method described above for bluetooth will work. -> Same SIM card and carrier worked flawlessly with 2016 Zenfone Selfie with car multimedia. Connection was established and reconnected without any problem and there was no need to force connection from multimedia menus. I hope the above information is helpful. Will continue testing connection to other devices although we do know both bluetooth and tethering option work properly on the handset. Looks like software handling of the process is findind some difficulty. Any clue? Is there any other testing you would like me to perform? I am sure we will collect enough information to solve the issue or help develop a fix. Thank you very much. Regards,

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Last edited by arousaman on 2019/2/8 19:47 Hi everybody! Hi @Jei_ASUS ! Thank you for your patience. I am sorry it took so long to come back with feedback but wanted to test extensively. Here you have my findings: Reproducing the issue: On a daily basis, as most of us, I try to reduce time consuming repetitive tasks. While taking the lift down to the garage, I use the Settings icon in the toolbar, to access the Network and Internet menu, and reach Hotspot & tethering. Then, in Hotspot & tethering menu I finally swipe to enable Bluetooth tethering. Then I just tap Home to go back to my home screen, double tap to turn off the screen or just the power button to turn it off. Then I start my car. That's it... or so did I think. Over these last weeks of intensive testing, I carefully watched every step to try and reproduce the issue. BUT... I took this procedure: 1. Enable bluetooth from toolbar 2. Tap toolbar Settings icon. 3. Access Network & internet menu. 4. Tap Hotspot & tethering to finally 5. Swipe Bluetooth tethering on Then I just tap Home to go back to my home screen, double tap to turn off the screen and start the car (exactly as described above) Now, if you have a look at both pictures, you can see there is a slight difference in the result. In the 'quick' procedure, enabling internet sharing using bluetooth without previously enabling bluetooth itself will result in 'Enabling bluetooth' message. Quickly back to home and double tapping to lock the screen will prevent the phone from sharing internet connection. In the 'long' procedure, first enabling bluetooth to then enable share phone's internet connection via Bluetooth will result in the phone actually sharing the connection... even if the screen is immediately locked. It took me three weeks to discover this because I did it so carefully I failed to perform the quick procedure. Solution: use the long procedure. I must point out that access to my smartphone is protected through fingerprint scanner and while bluetooth can be turned on from the toolbar without unlocking the handset, sharing internet connection is restricted if the handset is locked. Asus developers, please, check things happen as described above and try and fix the situation: allow the phone to complete internet connection sharing process even if the screen is locked halfway through since I think this is the origin of the issue. I sincerely hope this will help other users since the described issue and solution might be the root for other connection issues I have read in the forum. Please, feel free to ask me for further testing or details if required. Thank you for reading!